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Thick Curved Latin Dick KASPER

Photos of LatinBoyz model Kasper showing off his thick curved Latin dick
Age 20 – Height 6′ 9″ – Weight 145 lbs. – Colombian

The cute guy you see on this page with the thick curved Latin dick is Kasper. He’s a horny 20 year old bisexual guy that admits to thinking about sex 24/7. Besides having that thick Latino cock he also has a beautiful hairless ass and doesn’t mine showing it off for our cameras. He has one rimming experience from his ex-girlfriend and thinks it feels O.K. but is not sure he will ever do it with a guy because he might try to fuck him.

In addition to this rimming experience he also has sucking experience. It should be noted that he has had his dick sucked before but hasn’t sucked off any other guys. The story goes like this: He breaks up with his girlfriend at a party and gets really drunk. He gets a ride home from a new guy he meets at the party and goes to his house to party some more. Obviously this turned into a sexual encounter and Kasper gets his first blow-job from a guy. Even so he says, “I can’t lie. I liked it and he made me cum in his mouth.” Last but not least we ask him if he plans to fuck a guy in the future and he says, “Show me the money. I love money!” Hopefully that means he will do a scene soon.

Photo of thick Latin dick from latinboyz
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Kasper’s thick curved Latin dick reviews…

“Clearly this is one of the most delicious cocks I have ever seen. It should be noted that I love them thick and curved. Besides that your new model Kasper is very cute. Thanks for finding and sharing him with us members.”
-Leo in San Diego



Photography by VeoVerga