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Naked Latino Men PROFIT

Thursday, March 23rd 2017 – This Thursday New Amateur Video This week’s model is a tall sexy 18 year old with a big dick that shoots a big load (as you can see from his cum shot photos). After busting that big load for us he confessed that he can’t get anyone to suck him off … Read more

True Story

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 – Every Wednesday a new True Story True Story WANT TO SEE? My first time having sex with a Latino guy happened three years ago. I was in San Antonio, Texas, where my company is headquartered. I got sent there for three days to attend a training seminar. Upon arriving I … Read more

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Latino Bareback Twinks FELIPE and DEZIÑO

Tuesday, March 21st 2017 – This Tuesday Latino Amateur Action Video Felipe and Deziño are two 20 year old twinks that started fucking a couple months ago. Their first encounter happened in the restroom of a department store when Deziño spotted Felipe’s big uncut Latino twink cock as he was taking a piss. As soon … Read more

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LatinBoyz Bonus Videos

Monday, March 20th 2017 – New bonus video added every Monday and Friday Every Monday and Friday we add a new full length bonus video from independent studios featuring hot Latino and interracial scenes. Today’s video is called “8 boys in a bed”. The above titles are currently available for streaming. These bonus videos are a … Read more

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Cute Mexican Twink DIEZ

Sunday, March 19th 2017 – This Sunday Hot New Latino Amateur It’s been a while since we met any cute skaters outside our offices, so we were glad when we recently saw 18 year old Diez skating past us with his shirt off. He stopped at the plaza next door and started doing crunches and … Read more

naked Latin men

Naked Latin Men DANTE

Thursday, March 16th 2017 – This Sunday hot new Latino Amateur When our photographer first spotted Dante walking along the beach he couldn’t take his eyes off his sexy six pack abs… Or his cute face… Or his firm round ass… or the bulge in shorts. He must have been too obvious because Dante blurted … Read more

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Naked Colombian Men SETH

Thursday, March 9th 2017 – This Thursday New Latino Amateur Video We met Seth in a strange place… His car! You see, he’s been making some extra money working for a car sharing service and he picked us up after a night of partying at a club. We found out that he’s Colombian, 21 years … Read more

Latin Bareback Action FABIO and LUTHER

Tuesday, March 7th 2017 – This Tuesday Hot New Amateur Action Video Fabio did his first scene on LatinBoyz last month when Conejo fucked him hard and raw. He liked it so much that he’s been begging the photographer in Brazil to find another hot guy with a big dick that likes to do it … Read more

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Latino Twinks with Hard Bodies STEPHEN

Thursday, March 2nd 2017 – This Thursday New Latino Amateur Video Our newest model is a cute 20 year old construction worker. It has been raining a lot here in L.A. recently so he hasn’t been working very much and needed the money. We’ve actually been trying to convince him for a while because we … Read more

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Latin Twink with Uncut Cock DL

Thursday, February 23rd 2017 – This Thursday New Latino Amateur Video 19 year old DL told us he is horny as fuck all the time and ‘Likes to get head once in a while but it’s mostly about that booty’. We never found out if he’s gay or straight but whoever he is fucking gets … Read more

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Gay Latin Porn DEEZIE and GBOY

Tuesday, February 21th 2017 – This Tuesday Hot New Amateur Action Video When he did his solo photo shoot last month we asked Deezie if he was straight, bi or gay and he didn’t answer. He just told us “I guess the only way to find out is to get with me.” Later we found … Read more

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Sexy Nude Latinos SPYKE

Thursday, February 16th 2017 – This Thursday Hot New Amateur Video Last summer we presented three Latino rock musicians (Phenix, Topaz and Sinner) that all had worked together in a band that has since broken up. Phenix is working in a new band and introduced us to his new drummer Spyke. This 21 year old … Read more

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Latino Bareback Porn Fun CONEJO and MARTIN

Thursday, February 9th 2017 – This Thursday New Amateur Action Video We first presented Conejo a couple weeks ago when he brutally fucked Fabio raw. He sent the photographer an email the other day saying he has a new trick named Martin that loves getting pounded bareback by his thick cock and they want to … Read more

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Showing off that Latin Cock DEEZIE

Tuesday, February 7th 2017 – This Tuesday New Amateur Video Our new model this week is a cute 21 year old from Arizona that really loves getting his dick sucked and likes to fuck doggy style. He didn’t tell us whether he was straight, gay or bi and said, “I guess the only way to find … Read more

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Latino Twink Hot Sex CRISTIAN and GBOY

Tuesday, January 24th 2017 – This Tuesday New Amateur Action Photos Sometimes our models make our work so much easier. A couple weeks ago we got a phone call from Cristian saying he was horny and wanted to fuck. Later the same day we got a call from GBoy saying he was horny and wanted … Read more

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Nude Latin Men JAIME

Thursday, January 26th 2017 – This Thursday New Amateur Video This cute 18 year old with the swimmer’s body is Jaime from Colombia. He has that sexy swimmer’s body because he’s an actual swimmer (on the same team as recent models Jay D and Valentino). He looks cute with braces and said he loves to … Read more

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Latino Uncut Cock RAFAEL

Thursday, January 19th 2017 – This Thursday New Amateur Video This week’s model is a tall Guatemalan with a big uncut Latino cock named Rafael. He only started fucking guys about a year ago but really likes it and hasn’t fucked a girl since then. He’s a top who’s biggest turn on is a guy … Read more

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Gay Latin Porn HOT THREE WAY

Tuesday, January 17th 2017 – This Tuesday New Amateur Action Video We’ve wanted to see LatinBoyz model Chico Valle put his big fat Latino cock to work in a porn scene for a long time. He told us he really wanted to do a scene with Menace but that was a problem because they’re both tops. … Read more

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Naked Latin Men with Uncut Cock FELIZ

Thursday, January 5th 2017 – This Thursday New Amateur Video This week’s new model is a 21 year old college student from Texas that always has a smile on his face. And with that big uncut cock we bet he puts a lot of smiles on the faces of the guys he’s fucking. He told … Read more

Gay Latino Porn Bareback CONEJO and FABIO

Tuesday, January 3rd 2017 – This Tuesday New Amateur Action Video Conejo is a very horny 20 year old with a fat cock that fucks like a rabbit. He fucks 21 year old Fabio in more positions than we can count. He evidently knows how to make our favorite desert ‘tres leches’ too… After terrorizing … Read more

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Gay Latino Porn CRISTIAN and RASCAL

Tuesday, December 20th 2016 – This Tuesday New Amateur Actin Photos New model Cristian told us he wanted to make his gay Latino porn debut fucking around with a straight or bisexual guy so we hooked him up with Rascal and sure enough they hit it off right away. Except for one problem: Cristian thought … Read more

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Cute Latin Twink G BOY

Thursday, December 15th 2016 – This Thursday New Latino Amateur Video This week’s new model is 18 year old GBoy from Galveston. He’s bi and only recently started fooling around with guys and has done mostly oral. He loves getting his dick sucked most of all and can cum multiple times as long as you … Read more

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More Than Just a Big Latino Cock PYTHON

Thursday, December 8th, 2016 – This Thursday Hot New Amateur Video Our newest model is a 20 year old kick boxer that told us he wants to be known for more than just having a big Latino cock. But, we told him when you go around calling yourself Python you’re going to get type cast. He … Read more

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Latino Bareback Action MARCOS and FELIPE

Tuesday, December 6th 2016 – This Tuesday new Amateur Action Video It’s been a couple months since we last saw Marcos on LBZ when he fucked Brazilian twink Rodrigo. He called the photographer of that scene and told him he is now fucking a buff 19 year old from the gym and that they wanted … Read more

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Uncut Mexican Cock COMMANDO

Thursday, November 24th 2016 – This Thursday New Amateur Video This week’s new model is a cute 20 year old Mexican-American from Southern California that hates to wear underwear (hence the nickname). He doesn’t want anything to slow him down from pulling that big uncut Mexican cock out when it’s time to fuck. And he … Read more

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Latino Sex Action KATRACHO and JESSE

Tuesday, November 22nd 2016 – This Tuesday new Amateur Action video LBZ model Katracho called us last week saying he met a cute 18 year old at his gym that was interested in modeling for us so he brought him over. He’s cute and and has a really nice body but he was super nervous … Read more

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Big Uncut Latin Cock RICO

Thursday, November 17th 2016 – This Thursday New Amateur Video If you love big uncut Latin dicks that have lots of foreskin you’re going to like this week’s new model Rico. And you ass lovers need not worry: He has a hot hairless ass and loves using it and his big uncut cock when having … Read more

Gay Latin Sex with JOSH and NICKY

Tuesday, November 8th 2016 – This Tuesday New Amateur Action We were pretty happy when LBZ model Nicky said he wanted to fuck his new boy toy from New York, Josh. We always love watching Nicky’s tight hairless ass getting pounded by a big dick. But, they had a surprise for us. Nicky is the … Read more

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Latino Twinks with Big Dicks and Hot Asses JAY D

Thursday, November 3rd 2016 – This Thursday Hot New Latino Amateur We were pretty excited when 19 year old Jay D sent us an EMail message saying he was a big fan of LatinBoyz.Com and wants to model for us because as you can see he’s a really cute Latino twink and he also just … Read more

Latino foreskin

Lots of Latino Foreskin and Big Balls on FERNIE

19 year old Fernie looked like a cute innocent 19 year old twink when we first met him. And from everything he TOLD us he is. But we’re not so sure. He told us he has never had sex with a guy and that no guy has even hit on him before. We have no … Read more

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Why We Love Mexican Cock JONNIE

18 year old Jonnie got a temporary job at a car wash this summer to make some money before starting college in the fall. He hated the job and quit after a customer told him he could make easy money showing off his dick on webcam. That’s how we met him. That big veiny uncut … Read more

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Gay Latino Action with CHACHO and ESTEBAN

Cute Puerto Rican papi Chacho was bored and lonely on his first strip to Los Angeles a couple months ago and we knew just what was needed to cheer him up… A nice tight bubble butt! Esteban and Chacho make their LBZ porn debut in this hot scene. MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP    VIDEO NOT A … Read more

Puerto Rican Cock

Hot Puerto Rican Cock & Ass JAE G.

If you love big Puerto Rican cocks and hot asses on Latino twinks you will love our newest model Jae G. We found him on social media where he had already posted a lot of hot photos and videos he made of himself so we asked him to show his stuff and make some $$$ … Read more

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Gay Latin Porn JAE G and KATRACHO

When new LatinBoyz star Jae G. told us he wanted to get fucked we told him we would love to watch and asked him who the luckly guys would be. Without thinking he said he really wanted to get pounded by that cute bisexual papi Katracho. Katracho never turns down the chance to fuck a … Read more

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Big Latino Cock on JORDAN

When one of our members, who referred Jordan to LatinBoyz, first saw him at Union Station in LA he thought he was cute… Cute enough that he tried to pick him up. He did manage to talk him into coming over for a drink or two and when he was relaxed asked to see his … Read more

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Latin Men Fucking ARON and ADRIEN

Cute Latino twink Aron contacted us recently letting us know about a guy he met in Texas that loves to fuck twinks and always shoots a big load. His friend’s name is Adrien and this light skin papi from Florida has a very thick cock and as you can he really does shoot a big … Read more

LatinBoyz Monster Cocks…

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Big Latin Dick on TOPAZ

We got a call from last week’s model Phenix a couple days after doing his shoot. He told us that the drummer in his band wanted to model for us, too. He had been told he had a big Latin dick but hadn’t seen it in person and didn’t know if it was true or … Read more

mexican cock

Thick Mexican Cock on RUTHLESS

When we asked 19 year old Ruthless what people are most surprised to find out about him he smiled and said, “That I have a nice big dick!” He then proceeded to pull it out and show it off. He’s not exaggerating. That is definitely one big & thick Mexican cock. He told us he … Read more

naked Latino men

Naked Latino Men with Uncut Cock: BENT

This hot looking guy in the basketball shorts with all the yummy foreskin is our newest model Bent. He’s a 21 one year old Puerto Rican who was born and raised in Texas. He said he’s straight but also told us he has messed around with guys and has been a top and done oral. … Read more

Latino uncut cock

Latino Uncut Cock SHOOTER

Our photographer met 18 year old Shooter at a restaurant where he was celebrating his birthday. Well, to be specific he met him the bathroom and made it a little too obvious that he was checking out his big uncut Latino cock. But it was all good because it turns out he’s bisexual and even … Read more

Mexican cock

Big Mexican Cock on LOW KEY

This week’s model is a 22 year old top from Northern California that has a nice big eight inch Mexican cock. Like his name suggests he likes to be low key and masculine and likes guys that act the same way. He told us his favorite position is when the guy is bent down in … Read more

Puerto Rican cock

Big Puerto Rican Cock MAXIMO

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record but now we’re convinced that most cute skinny Latinos have HUGE uncut cocks. Our latest evidence: This week’s model Maximo! In the fine tradition of cute thin LatinBoyz with huge cocks like Myke, Chico Valle, Andres, DBoi, Legend, Taz, and Raptor just to name some recent … Read more

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Big Uncut Guatemalan Cock SIKE

Sike is a 19 year old aspiring Reggaeton artist from Guatemala that contacted us because he wanted to make some extra money doing nude modeling. We met up with him and was impressed by his hot body and masculine look but wasn’t feeling his hair style. We asked him if he would consider a shorter … Read more

big Latino cock

Big Latino Cocks MYKE

When we first photographed Myke last year we had to rush and didn’t get the full range of shots we normally like to get. The response to that shoot was overwhelming, however, and we received more requests to have him back than any other model. That gave us an excellent excuse to get him back! … Read more

vergas grandes

Vergas Grandes Mexicano CHICO VALLE

This week’s new model is a cute 19 year old from the San Fernando Valley. He told us most guys he’s been with are surprised when he pulls out that huge uncut monster cock of his. We know we were! He’s a top but will bottom if the guy is bigger than him, which probably … Read more

latino twinks

LEGEND… Just for you guys that love hung Latino twinks

When we first met Legend we thought his nickname was a little pretentious but then he pulled out that huge uncut Colombian cock. Now that’s a legendary cock for sure! He’s a versatile top (which is good because he has a cute butt, too) and was born in Colombia and raised in Florida. Sexually he … Read more

gay cholos

LIL GEE… Who doesn’t love gay cholos with big uncut cock?

His nickname might be Lil Gee but as you can see there isn’t anything little about him. He’s 20 years old and originally from Texas. He told us he grew up in a rough neighborhood and learned to act tough as a means of self defense but he’s really a nice guy that loves to … Read more

nude latinos

MENACE… Tatted nude Latinos with big cock

Our newest model Menace is 19 years old and from South Central L.A. He’s originally from Honduras but has lived in the U.S. since he was very young. We were disappointed to find out he is straight and has never been with a guy before. During his photoshoot our photographer asked him if guys have … Read more

vergas grandes

RAPTOR… Now that’s some vergas grandes (big dick)!

Our photographer had not seen Raptor’s dick hard before the shoot so imagine his surprise when he walked in the room and saw that huge uncut monster cock. We originally offered him the job because of his cute face and sexy abs but got more than our money’s worth when he turned out to have … Read more

gay cholos

LIL RAZ… We knew gay cholos would have big cocks like this!

Over the years we’ve been lucky to meet some of our models on the Los Angeles Metro just like this week’s model 18 year old Lil Raz. As you can see he’s not ‘Lil’ where it counts. This bisexual homie is from East L.A. where he was born and raised. He told us he’s been … Read more

latin cock big

ZICO…. Now that’s one big latin cock!

Occasionally we comb through the local classified ads to see if we can find cute Latino models which is where we found Zico. He posted an M4W ad with a few of his photos showing his huge cock so we took a chance and asked him if he might be willing to do some nude … Read more

latin dick

KILO… Look at that big uncut curved Latin dick

We were intrigued when 19 year old Kilo told us during his interview that he has never had sex with a guy but then added, “But I would let a guy suck me off if the money was right.” After finishing his photo shoot we reminded him about what he said and asked if he … Read more

LatinBoyz Cute Latino Twinks…

Latino twinks

Latin Twinks Naked BEBETO

This serious-looking 18 year old with the cute bubble butt and nice uncut cock is our newest model Bebeto. He was born and raised in Los Angeles. He was on his High School wrestling team and will be on his college team this fall. He told us he’s horny 24/7 and this traight Latino twink … Read more

Latino twink

Latino Twink Hot Body NICKY

You already know the cute new model that made his LBZ debut with Katracho a couple weeks ago has a nice ass… But probably didn’t know he has a tight cut up body, amazing six pack and thick rock hard cock in addition to that amazing ass. We’ve had many requests from our members that … Read more

Latin twinks

Latin Twinks with Big Cock TAVO

This week’s new model is a shy, innocent-looking guy named Tavo. He’s almost as innocent as he looks and has only had sex with one person and that was over a year ago. He told us he just doesn’t have any game and isn’t good at hitting on people. Well, when you’re as cute as … Read more

latin twinks

ARÓN… Latin twinks with big uncut cocks

The first thing guys notice about Arón when he gets naked is his fat uncut cock, big balls, and the birthmark on his cockhead (a first for us, too). When they see him dressed they sometimes assume he’s a bottom or not packing. Boy are they surpised! He’s a top who does like to get … Read more

big latin cock

ANDRES… Cute young Latin twink with big cock

Our photographer went to Medellin, Colombia, recently and when he looked outside the window of his hotel room he noticed a cute young Latino guy with a hot body doing sit ups wearing nothing but a pair of white basketball shorts. Of course he had to have a closer look! The cute young Latino turned … Read more

latin twinks big dick

DBOI… Cute Latin twink with a huge dick

This week’s new LatinBoyz discovery is a sexy 19 year old from Denver named D-Boi. He’s a versatile top that told us his hottest sexual experience was during a three way. He was fucking one of the guys when the other started fucking him at the same time. Who else wants a D-Boi sandwich? As … Read more

latino cock big thick

PATINO… For those of your that love thick latino cock

18 year old Patino is definitely young, hung and full of cum. He has to jack off at least three times a day just to keep from getting boners in public and he has a beautiful uncut cock to do it with. This Mexican-American papi isn’t all that experienced sexually but has had a three … Read more

latin twink

JD… a cute Latin twink with three legs (one to fuck with)

One of our other models met 20 year old JD while riding on the subway. The train happened to be packed with passengers and as a result they were pushed towards each other. That’s when he felt JD’s dick start to bigger… and bigger… and bigger! Nine inches bigger to be exact. They ended up … Read more

latin twink

TRICK… The perfect Latin twink

When our new model Trick started pulling down his cargo shorts and showing off the first hint of his hot Latin ass we knew were going to enjoy this photo shoot. Later on when he pulled out his big uncut Latino cock we knew we were going to enjoy it even more. He told us … Read more

latino twink

CHECO… A cute Latino twink with a tight sexy body

20 year old Checo works for his dad as a house painter. That’s how we first met this hot papi while watching him paint a house across the street on a hot day with no shirt on. You’ve probably noticed by now that he has an incredibly hot body. Working as a house painter helps … Read more

latino twinks

AXEL… We love Latino twinks with thick uncut cocks

18 year old Axel has an innocent baby face but he has already fucked at least ten girls and said me might be down for at least getting head from a guy. And with his soda can thick cock we’re not surprised he’s been getting so much sex. He loves looking at the faces of … Read more

gay cholos

CHULITO… This broke straight cholo is horny and fucks guys on the side

We have gotten so much fan mail asking us when are we having Chulito do a solo photo shoot ever since he first did he’s first scene with Aggie so we sent out our photographer to find him. As luck has it he spotted him “tagging” and convinced him to do the photo shoot right … Read more

latino twinks

LUCKY… One of our cute Latino twinks that always shoots a big load

18 year old Lucky has never had sex with a guy before but he fucked a girl in the ass his very first time having sex and liked it so we think there is hope for him yet. Our photographer saw Lucky waiting for the bus after soccer practice. He looked cute in his soccer … Read more

Latin twin

MAVEN… Cute Latin twink with smooth body and tight abs

18 year old Maven moved to Las Vegas recently to go to college where he is on the swim team. That’s where he gets his sexy toned swimmers body from. He says he gets a lot of action with some of the other guys in the locker room and we’re not surprised because he has … Read more

gay latin twinks

DAMIEN… Cute gay Latin twinks with huge cocks are hot

Last week we introduced you to Damien and his 9 inch cock fucking Drizzy’s hot smooth ass. We got many requests to see his solo photos so we brought him back a few days later. This 21 year old is Mexican and lives in San Gabriel Valley where he says he has no problem finding … Read more

mexican twinks

HAVOC…. One of our Mexican twinks that is both cute and hung

When we first me 18 year old Havoc we thought he was straight. Although he has fucked a a couple girls he says he is gay and likes to fuck only guys now. He’s tried bottoming once and didn’t like it and says he’s happy being 100% top. We’re sure the bottoms out there that … Read more

LatinBoyz Hard Bodies…

nude Latino men

Nude Latino Men KATRACHO

The guy in the photos with the sexy abs (and everything else for that matter) is our newest model Katracho. He’s 20 and was born in Honduras but raised in Southern California. He’s never fucked around with a guy before but says he’s ‘curious’ and has been hit up at the gym a couple times … Read more

naked Latin men

Naked Latin Men OSKAR

Our photographer first noticed Oskar driving crazy (and shirtless) on his ATV through the streets of Puerto Vallarta. His first thought: This guy is loco… but hot! He saw him a few other times doing the same thing but never had a chance to talk to him until one day when he passed by a … Read more

mexican cock

Mexican cock and hot ass CHILL

The hot papi you see here with the thick uncut Mexican cock and hot body & ass is 19 year old Chill. He’s very sexy and laid back. So laid back that he flaked on us twice before finally coming in for his shoot. We’re sure you agree he was worth the wait. He didn’t … Read more

naked latino men

BALLER… One of our sexy muscular naked Latin men

Baller just turned 21 last week and has been partying non-stop ever since. His philosophy in life is to play hard and work hard. He’s been working out since he was a teenager and has always had a nice body. He’s also been playing hard for as long as he can remember and likes fucking … Read more

naked latin men

GENO… another one of our hot naked Latin men

What happens if you work all day as a roofer in the hot Southern California sun with no shirt on? You get an incredible body with bulging muscles and an offer to do nude modeling! Meet our newest model, 20 year old Geno. At 6′ 2″ he’s a little taller than most of our models … Read more

laitn dick

RAKOBI… Showing off his big latin dick and sexy abs

Rakobi is 20 years. He was born in Paraguay but raised in New York City. You can see that he has some pretty sexy abs and a nice body. That’s because he plays basketball in the park with the guys in the neighborhood everyday. Even though they are all straight he admits to having fooled … Read more

latin cock

BULLET… Mexican jock with a big Latin cock

19 year old Bullet is bisexual and said he loves sports. In fact that’s how he started experimenting with guys when he was on the wrestling team. One night he was practicing with one of the guys and the next thing he knew the guy was sucking him off. So far he has only done … Read more

nude mexican men

MAGNUM…One of our nude Mexican men with a fat cock

We met Magnum last summer when he was standing outside of a convenience store with no shirt on and he asked us to buy him some beer. He was 20 years old at the time so we said no but told him how he could make some money. At first we thought he wanted to … Read more

naked latino men

MIKEY… Naked Latino men with hot bodies

A couple weeks ago while on a model scouting trip to Rio de Janeiro (we know, tough job but somebody has to do it) our photographer saw a hot guy walking out of one of the local gyms. The guy recognized our photographer but it took a while for him realize it was LBZ model … Read more

latin cocks

SEVY… For those of you who like Latin cocks with a hot body attached

Sevy is a 23 year old Latino (Peruvian) who told us his sexual role with guys is ‘experimental’. We’re not exactly sure what he meant my that but if he needs any volunteers for his experiment we don’t think he will have any problem finding them. His sexual fantasy is having sex in public. He’s … Read more

nude Latin men

TRISTAN… One of our nude Latin men with a really hot body

We met 18 year old Tristan as he was walking out of a gym in Guadalajara, Mexico where he’s an amateur boxer. It was his sexy abs that caught our attention as he walked out of the gym shirtless and we followed him all the way to a taco stand and tried to start up … Read more

muscular latin papi

KRUZ… Muscular Latin papi with nice uncut cock

  Kruz was recently featured on our first Broke Straight LatinBoyz video and we had a lot of members asking if we could do a solo photoshoot with him. Lucky for us he was broke again and was more than happy to return! He is 23 from Long Beach, California and loves to work out … Read more

naked Latin men

FLEX… Naked Latin men with hot asses

Flex is 23 and originally from the Bronx and moved to L.A. about six months ago to go to school. He’s working his way through college as a personal trainer and after seeing these pictures we bet there are a lot of guys that will want some training sessions! Sexually this hot Puerto Rican is … Read more

naked Latino men

VICTOR… Muscular naked Latino men with bubble butts

24 year old Victor is addicted to working out and riding his mountain bike up the highest trails he can get to, which is why he has an almost perfect body. He also admits he loves sex just as much as working out. Sexually he’s a bisexual top and loves to fuck a nice bubble … Read more

naked mexican men

INFAMOUSJ… Naked Mexican men with Sexy bodies and hot asses

23 year old iNFAMOUSj is from Northern California and recently got a part time night job as a go go dancer in addition to his day job as a construction worker. He was 100% straight before he started dancing but told us he now fools around with guys too and is bisexual. Sexually he has … Read more

mexican cock

RICKY… Back to show off that big Mexican cock and hot body

Ricky is a boxer that did a shoot with us a couple of years ago. He had never seen his photos before and after showing them to him he remembered that he had just done a fight a couple days before the last shoot and his face was kind of bruised up so he asked … Read more

LatinBoyz Hot Asses…

LatinBoyz Model MARTINO

The first thing our photographer noticed about Martino was his sexy abs. But as you can tell from these photos he was obsessed with his ass. This 22 year old from Las Vegas works as a bartender and often takes his shirt off while working when it gets hot. We’re pretty sure that gets his … Read more

latin men porn

CAMERON… Sexy Latin man with hot fuckable ass

22 year old Cameron did not come out until he was 20 and has been making up for lost time. He loves sex more than anything and loves to fuck and get fucked… and anything else you can think of. He has a smooth sexy body but says he doesn’t really work out except for … Read more

nude latino men

TEMPER AND CRIS… Nude Latino men fucking

  Some of our hottest action videos are with models that have been dating or fucking before they come in to do their scene. As we mentioned on Cris’ solo photoshoot Temper met Cris at a party and brought him in. What we didn’t mention was they have been fuck buddies and living together also. … Read more

naked mexican men

DIAMOND… One of our sexy naked Mexican men

Some guys really know what they want when it comes to sex. Diamond told us he likes it when a guy sucks his balls, then eats his ass and licks up to the shaft, pulls down his foreskin and licks all around his head before they deep throat him. Cumming down a guys throat is … Read more

latino twink

JAMIE…. Check out the amazing ass on this Latino twink

Jamie told us when he first came out he was a strict top but that so many of the guys he was with were always trying to get at his ass (and it’s one of the finest asses ever featured on LBZ) he finally gave it up and now likes getting fucked just as much … Read more

latin twinks

BYRON… Gotta love those Latin twinks and their hot asses

Byron did an action scene for us about a year ago with Austin but shortly after that we lost contact with him until last week. Turns out he was in a relationship that ended badly so he contacted us and ask if he could finally come back to do his solo photo shoot just to … Read more

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DRIZZY… Another reason we are #1 for Latino twinks with big cocks

The last time we saw Drizzy he was taking Damien’s 9 inch cock up his tight butt and soon after we got so much fan mail asking to please bring him back for his solo photoshoot. Well it took some time to track this busy skater down but we finally got him to come back … Read more

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HUGO… Naked Latin men with hot asses

We found Hugo hanging out at the beach in front of our hotel on a recent vacation and couldn’t help but notice his hot upper body and sexy eyes. After a couple drinks our photographer worked up the nerves to follow him into the bathroom and see if he could sneak a peak at the … Read more

GATO & MAXXX… LatinBoyz gay fuck video

  Gato was explaining to Maxxx how he got into a fight and that his whole body was sore from getting socked and kicked so Maxxx offers to help relieve his pain by sucking on Gato’s nice cock and then make his butt feel better by shoving his 9 inch Mexican cock inside his tight … Read more

Latino Twinks Fucking C-LO and JAY DIAMOND

When gay Latino twink Jay Diamond did his solo photoshoot he told us he likes to make the person he is fucking scream during sex as he pounds their tight ass with his huge meat. Well that was something we had to find out for ourselves and we knew C-Lo could handle his big Puerto … Read more

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TRELINO… Sexy naked blatino with killer six pack abs

Trelino recently moved to Los Angeles from Miami and is Puerto Rican with a nice thick uncut cock, some of the most amazing abs ever on LatinBoyz.Com, and a hot musclar butt. He loves to show off and said if he could he would walk around nude if it were legal. When we first saw … Read more

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C-LO… Hung Latino twinks that also have nice asses

C-LO is 18 years old and from Los Angeles. He loves to swim which keeps his body toned and looking good but all the exercise he gets makes him constantly horny. He told us he gets spontaneous erections all the time which is quite a problem when you consider how big his uncut cock is. … Read more

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IKON… Mexican twinks with hot asses and lots of foreskin

19 year old Ikon was trying to find himself a “sugar mama” on craigslist when one of our recruiters decided to hit him up and ask if he wanted to make some quick cash doing nude modeling. In need of some money he replied when and where. We set up the interview and loved his … Read more

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Latin twinks with uncut cock and hot asses DIEGO

Our new model Diego is 20 years old and Mexican. He told us he gets bored with guys that are only bottoms or only tops and will only go out with other versatile guys like himself. That’s good because it would be a shame to waste that hot ass and thick uncut cock! MEMBERS    PHOTOS    … Read more

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Latino twinks big dicks fucking GABRIEL and CYCO

What was supposed to be a solo shoot featuring his new friend Cyco ended up being a hot ass-fucking dick-sucking butt-licking session with Gabriel. Check out the hot pics from our latest Amateur Action scene. MEMBERS    VIDEO CAPTURES    ZIP    VIDEO NOT A MEMBER?    JOIN NOW Photography by LBZ1

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Latin twink with sexy body KRUSH

18 year old Krush used to hang out in the same neighborhood as Santiago. When he found out Santiago had modeled for us he begged his friend for an audition because he wanted to make some extra money and get some tattoos. Santiago brought him to us and while they were watching a porno to … Read more

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Latin Men Fucking ARON and ADRIEN

Cute Latino twink Aron contacted us recently letting us know about a guy he met in Texas that loves to fuck twinks and always shoots a big load. His friend’s name is Adrien and this light skin papi from Florida has a very thick cock and as you can he really does shoot a big … Read more

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Brazilian Bareback Twinks RODRIGO and MARCOS

The photographer of this set already knew Rodrigo and took him to the mall for lunch. While there Rodrigo started cruising Marcos and approached him about doing a video because he thought he was really cute. What he didn’t know was that he has a big banana-shaped uncut cock, too. The photographer got a cheap … Read more

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Latino Sex Threesome MAXIMO RASCAL and MEMO

This turned out to be a good day for Memo. Originally he was set to get fucked by Maximo’s big uncut Puerto Rican cock but just as we started shooting the scene Rascal showed up unannounced. Memo has already been fucked by Rascal once before and wanted it again so he convinced them to join … Read more

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BALLER & BLADE…Baller finally gets his chance to fuck

  Baller has a big uncut Latino cock. Blade also has a big uncut Latino cock. Not to mention they’re both cute as fuck. We thought it would be interesting to put them together and see what happens. Baller was on his phone having an argument with his girlfriend when he arrived and was in … Read more

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NightOwl and Swaggy…. Hot gay Latino porn video

  A little change of pace this week. Normally we have a new amateur solo shoot on Sundays but due to a technical issue we have moved our next Amateur Action shoot to an earlier date so check out new model Night Owl tearing up Swaggy’s tight lil ass in this hot new video. MEMBERS   … Read more

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  Hugo told us he has been hanging out with a straight neighbor that told him he was ‘curious’ about doing it with guys and was also in need of some money. Hugo convinced him to do a video and it went well because he likes how guys suck dick better than girls and he … Read more

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BLADE AND SWAGGY… Big dick sucking & fucking gay latino porn

  Blade stopped by the other day to tell us he was single now… and horny as fuck! We’ve been wanting to see that soda can thick uncut cock of his in action again for a while and we’ve been wanting to see new model Swaggy get that hot bubble butt of his fucked, too, … Read more

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CHECO & TELI… Hot gay latin bareback porn

  Checo phoned us with some interesting information the other day. He told us that he hooked up with Mig’s big brother recently (Checo made his LatinBoyz porn debut with Mig a couple of months ago). He told us the brother is one year older and even bigger then Mig where it counts the most. … Read more

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BULLET AND LIL GEE… Broke straight nude latin men fucking

  We’ve wanted to see Bullet’s fat uncut cock fucking one of our other models for a while. Although he had his dick sucked by a guy once before he has never fucked anyone… girl or guy… in the ass. We knew we had a chance to get him into a video when he told … Read more

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CHECO & MIG… Cute twinks flip-flop in Latin bareback video

  The day after doing his solo photo shoot, cute Latin twink Checo sent us a text saying he met a hot guy at the beach that wanted to do a porn video with him. He sent us a picture of Mig and we thought he was cute so we agreed to do the shoot. … Read more

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HAVOC & DIAMOND… Angry gay latino sex

  Angry sex can be the hottest. Diamond was pissed at Havoc for being two hours late to his first porn shoot and it almost didn’t happen. When he finally arrived he looked at Diamond, pulled down his shorts and said, “What are you waiting for, suck on this dick.” Diamond got over being angry … Read more

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SABADO & P*STAR… Broke straight Latino men in porn

  Talk about sibling rivalry… When bi-curious hotty Sabado found out his twin brother had done nude modeling for a different company he wanted to one up him by doing hardcore porn. He already knew LatinBoyz model P*Star and asked how he could get into porn. “Fuck me and I’ll show you,’” Was P*Star’s answer … Read more

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HUGO & MIKEY… Gay Latin videos with hot fucking action

  After Hugo finished his solo photo shoot he said he would come back the next day with his friend who wanted to fuck him in a video. Well he came back and brought us Mikey and one look at him and we got our camera rolling. Mikey is 19 with a 9″ cock that … Read more

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Broke straight Latino RASCAL gets sucked by ERIC

  Rascal might be broke and straight but he loves having his dick sucked (almost as much as Erick loves sucking dick). MEMBERS    VIDEO NOT A MEMBER?    JOIN NOW Photography by LBZ1

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Gay latino porn videos twinks in action ERIC and JOHNNIE

Sexy Eric makes his porn debut with Johnnie in this hot new Amateur Action. They get right to the action with some aggressive cock sucking and hot ass pounding! Eric needed a little break from Johnnie’s aggressive ass fucking and wanted to suck his dick again, but he did it so good that Johnnie ended … Read more

Gay Latino Porn SAVIOR and MAGIK

  When we first talked to Magik about doing some gay Latino porn for LatinBoyz.Com he told us he wanted to fuck Savior. We hooked it up but Savior had something else in mind and ended up fucking Magik like a bitch with his huge uncut monster cock. Even though Savior fucked him so hard … Read more