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Photo of LatinBoyz gay Latino videos bareback with Talvez and Eddie

Gay Latino Videos Bareback TALVEZ and EDDIE

Tuesday, August 4th 2020 new photos added. So, Talvez is walking down the street thinking about one of the gay Latino videos bareback he had seen that morning. Of course this causes his dick to get hard. He has it under control but decides to go into a restroom inside a nearby restaurant and jack off to relieve the pressure. Obviously the big bulge is going to catch someone’s attention. Little does he know he… Click here for more

Box covers for Bonus Videos

LatinBoyz Bonus Videos

Monday, August 3rd 2020 new bareback bonus video added. Every Monday and Friday we add a new full length streaming bonus video from independent studios featuring hot Latino and interracial scenes. Today’s video is Rapp That Ass. These streaming videos are a bonus in addition to all of our own original exclusive content. Other titles currently available are Latin Sex Stories, Fred and Morgan, Julien and Drake, and Lorenzo Fucks Rapper. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE… Click here for more

Photo of Latino twink with freckles and big dick

Latino Twink with Freckles and Big Dick APOLLO

Sunday August 2nd, 2020 new photos added. In the more than twenty years that this site has been in existence we cannot remember photographing a Latino twink with freckles before. It should be noted that this one is not only cute but he also has a big dick. Not only that he is a natural exhibitionist and loves showing off and posing naked. Apollo loves sending photos of himself naked to people he wants to… Click here for more

photo of latin dick cute twink LatinBoyz model Jey

Latin Dick Cute Twink JEY from LatinBoyz

Thursday, July 30th, 2020 new video added. When you have that big Latin dick cute twink thing going on like our new model Jey does you get hit on a lot. And that’s not a bad thing, especially if you are always fucking horny like he is. Jey loves to fuck every day if he can. Indeed, he can do it three or four times a night and sometimes wears out his partners when he’s… Click here for more

True Story

Wednesday July 29th, 2020 new story added. Every week we feature a True Story written by our members about their first Latino sexual experience. This week’s story is Summertime. MEMBERS    CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?    CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Click here for more

Photo of LatinBoyz nude Latin men fucking raw

Nude Latin Men Raw Fucking TRAVI and ANGELO

Tuesday July 28th, 2020 new video added. Travi likes doing nude Latin men raw fucking videos so he can earn some money and bust a nut at the same time. As most of you know he is a tatted straight Latino that is always horny and he can’t find enough pussy to keep himself busy. Obviously none of our models that are either bottoms or versatile have any complaints about that. That is because Travi… Click here for more

Photo of nude Latinos amateur guy Machito

Nude Latinos Amateur Models MACHITO

Sunday July 25th, 2020 new photos added. Finding nude Latinos amateur guys to model for us that have not yet posed naked anywhere else is one of the best parts about working for LatinBoyz.Com. Our photographer accidentally caught Machito jacking off in a public restroom at a gas station when he forgot to lock the door. After getting over the initial embarrassment our photographer mentioned that he could get paid for jacking off on for… Click here for more

Photos of LatinBoyz model Kasper showing off his thick curved Latin dick

Thick Curved Latin Dick KASPER

Thursday July 23rd, 2020 new video added. The cute guy you see on this page with the thick curved Latin dick is Kasper. He’s a horny 20 year old bisexual guy that admits to thinking about sex 24/7. Besides having that thick Latino cock he also has a beautiful hairless ass and doesn’t mine showing it off for our cameras. He has one rimming experience from his ex-girlfriend and thinks it feels O.K. but is… Click here for more

Photos from Talvez & Brayan's gay Latino porn bareback video

Gay Latino Porn Bareback TALVEZ and BRAYAN

Tuesday July 16th, 2020 new video added. We get lots of email messages everyday from our members saying they want to see a gay Latino porn bareback scene with new Model Talvez. Undoubtedly he’s one of the hottest models we have had in the last couple of months. Not only is he cute and has a hot body but he’s got a big rock hard cock, too. Even so, he was a little nervous about… Click here for more

Ink shows off his Latino hardbody naked

Latino Hardbody Naked with Big Dick INK

Thursday, July 14th new video added. This week’s new model is passionate about a lot of things like showing off his Latino hardbody naked. He’s passionate about working out and does it everyday without fail. On top of that he’s passionate about tattoos, hence his nickname Ink. And of course he’s passionate about sex. Ink is a total top although he has an amazing virgin bubble butt. Also, check out his hot workout preview video… Click here for more

Photo of cute Colombian twink Jayson

Colombian Twink Hung and Horny JAYSON

Thursday, July 5th, 2020 new video added. Our new model today is a cute 18 year old Colombian twink who is very shy. Because of his shyness he has decided to join the military and see if that helps him become more confident and outgoing. Sexually he is not very experienced but considers himself to be bisexual and mostly gets into having his dick sucked and getting rimmed. Jayson’s Colombian twink reviews… I really love… Click here for more

Photo of Latin twinks fucking themselves Slick Rick

Latin Twinks Fucking Themselves SLICK RICK

Thursday July 12th, 2020 new video added. Slick Rick was looking at the website recently. While doing this he comes across the sets of Tico and Chico Valle having fun with a fucking machine. Slick loves to take a big dick in his ass but hasn’t had much luck lately so he asks if he could borrow the machine and experience some Latin twinks fucking action of own. As you can see he works out… Click here for more

Photo of Playful fucking his first ass

Playful Fucks His First Ass Raw

Tuesday July 9th, 2020 new video added. When we found out recently that Playful had never actually fucked anyone in the ass before we asked him what he was waiting for. He explained that he simply has never had the opportunity but he wants to try. We knew Inocencio’s nice round Latino bubble butt would have no problem taking Playful’s soda can thick Latino cock and set up the date. The result is this hot… Click here for more

Photo of Talvez showing off his hard Latino cock

Hard Latino Cock That is Always Ready TALVEZ

Thursday July 7th, 2020 new video added. Check out our new model Talvez who loves showing off his hard Latino cock. He let us know that he always gets erections in the strangest places and doesn’t have any control over it because he is always horny. Those boners have been spotted quite a few times because he has a big dick and it’s hard to hide. As a result he has hooked up on the… Click here for more

Photo of Benz and Brayan in bareback fucking Latinos

Bareback Fucking Latinos BENZ and BRAYAN

Thursday July 5th, 2020 new video added. Of all of our bareback fucking Latinos Brayan has one of the tightest asses and a lot of our models want to fuck him. Benz hadn’t busted a nut in over a week because he has been working overtime. So, he makes up for the lack of sex by pounding him hard. Brayan loves Benz big cock with the huge mushroom head and was ready to rock his… Click here for more

Photo of horny Latino twinks named Gatito

Horny Latino Twinks Like Showing Off GATITO

Tuesday June 30th, 2020 new video added. One of the biggest fears that photographers have is working with horny Latino twinks that are not able to get and stay hard. Clearly our new model Gatito doesn’t have that problem. In fact, his dick was hard during the entire photo shoot! Our photographer never even saw it soft. He was spotted waiting at a bus stop and he even had a hard-on then. This 18 year… Click here for more

Photo of Benz' and Johnny's Latino fuck and run

Latino Fuck and Run with BENZ and JHONNY

Thursday June 28th, 2020 new video added. Sometimes a fuck is just a fuck. There’s no romance and cuddling, it’s a hard & sweaty anal attack just for getting off and nothing more. Also known as a Latino fuck and run. So, Benz is watching Jhonny’s hot video from last week and likes how passionate he is with everything he does. In particular he likes how he seems to love obediently servicing big cocks with… Click here for more

Photo of one of our sexy Latin cocks from Sebas

Latin Cocks 4 Fun SEBAS

Tuesday June 25th, 2020 new video added. Do you like thick Latin cocks? This is our sexy new model Sebas who is clearly a very hot & horny Latino papi. He is 100% top and loves to fuck long and hard and takes pride in the fact that he can keep from cumming for a long time. His uncut Latino cock is very curved, maybe one of the most curved we have ever seen. He… Click here for more

Photo fo naked Latino men playful

Naked Latino Men Sexy PLAYFUL

Thursday June 23rd, 2020 new video added. Our new model Playful tells us that the way to his heart is through your mouth on his dick and is another in our long time of sexy naked Latino men. He loves getting his dick sucked and as you can see he has a nice thick uncut cock. Even so he has a hard time finding anyone that can suck his dick right because it is so… Click here for more

This hunh Latin dick is out newest model Elito

Hung Latin Twink ELITO

Tuesday June 21st, 2020 new video added. This cute hung Latin twink with the innocent face and curly hair is our newest model Elito. In person he is a little shy but after talking for a while we finally got to the juicy part out of him. Like having a foursome recently and he the fact that he likes to fuck in as many positions as possible whenever he hooks up. He is mostly a… Click here for more

Photo of Latino monster cock porn with Dante and Angelo

Latino Monster Cock Porn DANTE and ANGELO

Thursday June 18th, 2020 new video added. Angelo was a total top when we first met him last year. But now he is verse and likes to try new things. He wants a bigger dick each time he does a new video and there is one in particular that he wants to try. Today he gets his wish and he’s very happy about it. In this new video he takes Dante’s big Latino monster cock… Click here for more

Photo of nude Latino papi Rigo showing off the goods

Nude Latino Papi Shows Off RIGO

Tuesday June 16th, 2020 new video added. Our photographer sees Rigo working out on his rooftop everyday. He confesses that he even jacks off sometimes in a position where he can’t be seen fantasizing about what he would look like is he was a nude Latino papi instead of wearing shorts and a jersey. So one day Rigo catches him and calls him out on it. Being as it’s a really hot day and he’s… Click here for more

Photo of Noel's big Latin dicks

Big Latin Dicks NOEL

Thursday June 14th, 2020 new video added. This week’s new model Noel is full of surprises. For instance, he is on the DL and likes to dress and act straight. However, in private he readily admits that he likes dick and ass and isn’t really into pussy. As a result he hooks up a lot with other DL guys in his neighborhood that love fucking his smooth hairless ass. Contrary to what people might think,… Click here for more

Nude Latins bareback sex starring Benz and Luckee

Nude Latins Bareback Sex BENZ and LUCKEE

Tuesday June 11th, 2020 new video added. We get lots of requests to see the models fucking and sucking, especially when they are a cute Latino twink like Luckee. Even so, it can be hard to convince them to do nude Latins bareback fucking videos. But not Luckee! He jacks off frequently while watching Benz’ videos so he is obviously interested in having sex with him. It also turns out that Benz thinks he is… Click here for more

Photo of Rafael

LatinBoyz Model RAFAEL

Thursday June 9th, 2020 new video added. Our photographer has seen Raphael walking his dog in the neighborhood for the last six months. He always seems to walk it in the late morning and early afternoon, and sometimes two or three times a day. Curiosity finally got the best of him one day and he decided to strike up a conversation so he could find out why. It turns out that the dog gets him… Click here for more

Photo of Dante and his huge Latino cock

Huge Latino Cock DANTE

Tuesday June 7th, 2020 new video added. Dante is talking with our photographer recently and mentions in passing that he finally got rimmed (He wouldn’t say whether it was with a guy or girl). “Is that ass still virgin?” Asks the photographer and Dante assures him that it is. Everyone knows Dante because of his huge Latino cock (one of the biggest to appear on the site). But, we have lots of requests from members… Click here for more

Photo os Latino men porn with Miggy and Rex

Latino Men Porn Action MIGGY and REX

Rex has been wanting to do another Latino men porn scene with a particular model. It should be noted that he has the hots for Miggy. But, he hasn’t been seen for almost six months. So clearly he was happy recently when our photographer let him know that Miggy is back and horny as hell. Miggy loves being serviced and Rex was glad to be of service! Miggy and Rex’s Latino men porn reviews… Rex… Click here for more

Photo of Latin twink Luckee

Latin Twinks with Thick Cocks LUCKEE

The newest of our cute Latin twinks is Luckee. He said he got his nickname when he was young because good things always come his way. For instance he got mad at his boss recently and quit his job and he realized later while eating lunch at a fast food restaurant that he didn’t have enough money to make his motorcycle payment. That’s when he met our photographer and he got lucky again because he… Click here for more

Photo of gay Latin sex raw

Gay Latin Porn Raw JACOB and RANDY

There’s an old expression that says, “Be careful of what you ask for, you might actually get it.” Randy told our photographer that he wanted to get fucked by a tattooed roughneck that would treat him like a bitch in a gay Latin porn raw scene. When Jacob found out about his fantasy he was more than willing to fulfill it. Along with making him gag on his big Latino monster cock Jacob proceeds to… Click here for more

Photo of gay Latino sex bareback

Gay Latino Sex Bareback NANDEZ and BENJAMIN

We’ve had a lot of requests to see new model Nandez in an Amateur Action scene so we asked him if he was interested in doing a gay Latino sex bareback video. He said he was and that he wanted to do it with Benjamin because he has a big dick and a big round ass. Benjamin was in a relationship when he did his solo shoot and didn’t want to do a scene then… Click here for more

Photo of Straight Broke Latino Travi fuckign bareback

Straight Broke Latinos Fucking Bareback TRAVI and BRAYAN

Broke straight Latinos like Travi always seem to show up after breaking up with their girlfriends when they need to get their big uncut Latino cock serviced. They also want to make some money, too. Brayan has absolutely been wanting to get fucked by Travi’s big dick for a long time. Now is just the chance he is waiting for. Above all that he has a tight Latino bubble butt just made for taking the… Click here for more

Photo of sexy Latino twink Slick Rick

Latino Twinks Sexy Body SLICK RICK

Obviously we like Latino twinks here at LatinBoyz.Com. But unlike some of the others we’ve had on the site Slick Rick adds a different twist. In addition to a smooth toned body and cute bubble butt he has some masculine traits like a thick happy trail and hairy legs to give him an added sexy dimension. Besides all that he has a beautiful uncut Mexican cock and smooth hairless asshole, which he loves showing off.… Click here for more

Photo of Nandez and his gay Latino cock

Gay Latino Cock and Lots of Cum NANDEZ

19 year old Nandez likes to keep is sexuality on the down low in his neighborhood. He’s gay (although he has a tendency to play on the other team sometimes when he’s drunk) and versatile. And when it comes down to deciding when to top and when to bottom he likes both but his partner has to service him orally first. In other words, if they want to fuck him they need to rim his… Click here for more

Photo of Benz and his thick Latin cock

Latin Cock Thick Mushroom Head on BENZ

One of our models Stiven saw Benz working out at a local park and took the first photo that you see in this set and sent it to the photographer to see if he would be interested in shooting him for LatinBoyz. Without a doubt he knew just by looking at him that he had to have a thick Latin cock! Of course he said yes and it turns out Benz needed the money so… Click here for more

Photo of Latino bareback flip fucking

Latino Bareback Flip Fucking RANDY and ANGELO

For his first LatinBoyz Amateur Action scene Randy wanted to show that he loves to fuck and get fucked equally so it was only natural to pair him with Angelo who also knows how to use his thick Latino cock and cute ass. MEMBERS    CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?    CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by VeoVerga Click here for more

Photo of Mexican twink Venicio

Mexican Twinks with Hot Ass and More VENICIO

It’s always the quiet ones! Venicio was born and raised in the Midwest U.S. and is very calm and polite. But when it comes to sex he told us he’s a freak. He gets into handcuffs & domination and hates boring sex. He has a smooth toned twink body, beautiful uncut Mexican cock and a hot hairless ass. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?   CLICK HERE TO JOIN… Click here for more

Photo of naked Latin men Randy

Naked Latino Men with Muscular Thighs RANDY

Our new model Randy has a tattoo that says ‘Everyone writes their own story’. With that thick uncut Latino cock and big round bubble butt we’re willing to bet that his story will involve a lot of sex! He was spotted playing soccer with some friends at the park. Soccer is his passion (besides sex, of course) which explains his thick muscular thighs. He’s versatile and open to doing a scene with one of the… Click here for more

Photo of Latin cock Juliano and Brayan

Latin Cock Bareback Action JULIANO and BRAYAN

Juliano told our photographer that he wanted to fuck some tight Latino twink ass in his next Amateur Action scene, and that he had someone in mind… Brayan. When Brayan saw the photos of Juliano’s thick Latino cock he was all in. The result is some hot passionate fucking and lots of cum at the end. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?   CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography… Click here for more

Photo of Latinos Austin and Zach fucking raw

Latinos Fucking Raw AUSTIN and ZACH

Zach let us know that he wanted to do an Amateur Action shoot before even starting his solo session. When asked which model he wanted to work with he said Austin because he fucks good and always shoots a big load. Austin didn’t disappoint him in either way! MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?   CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by VeoVerga Click here for more

Photo of Latin twink Raffi showing his Latino monster cock

Latino Monster Cock on Cute Latin Twink RAFFI

We love twinks, we love big Latino monster cocks, we love full bushes of natural pubic hair, and lots of foreskin. Our newest model Raffi has all that and more. He’s currently a college student and loves getting sucked off in the restroom between classes to help relieve the stress of school. He’s a verse top but doesn’t have as much time for fucking around as he would like. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER… Click here for more

Photo of Julian and his big Latino dicks

Big Latino Dicks JULIANO

Our new model Juliano was discovered working at a construction site as a roofer. He was working under the hot sun and his body was glistening with sweat, showing off his athletic build to it’s fullest. An offer of a couple beers after work was accepted and they met up later that night. When told about the modeling Juliano said he always thought there would be a way to make money with his big Latino… Click here for more

Photos of Latin men porn Juliano and Angelo

Latin Men Porn Bareback JULIANO and ANGELO

Today’s new Amateur Action is all about ‘firsts’. Juliano was serious when he told us he wanted to do hardcore porn and fuck some ass in his ‘first’ porn video. And Angelo has tried bottoming a couple times since doing his solo shoot and wanted to bottom for the ‘first’ time on camera. Both of these Latin men porn models did a great job and had a lot of fun in the process. MEMBERS  … Click here for more

Photo of Latin twink Bryant

Latin Twink with Big Dick and Hot Ass BRYANT

Most of the time when you meet a guy you are going hook up with you know whether you want to fuck him or get fucked by him. With our newest model Bryant it would be a much harder decision because he has the perfect bubble butt and perfect thick eight inch uncut Latin twink cock. Luckily people that find themselves in this position will be happy to know he is versatile. He was born… Click here for more

photo of Angelo and Inocencio having gay Latin sex bareback

Gay Latin Sex Bareback ANGELO and INOCENCIO

Sometimes the models do things without the photographer knowing. Angelo and Inocencio met each other on social media and decided to meet in person. They both like sports so they started practicing soccer moves together and one thing lead to another and they ended up sucking each other off. But then Angelo wanted to fuck Inocencio. He liked the idea but suggested they do it on camera so they can have fun and get paid… Click here for more