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Photo of Grueso and Daniel fucking raw

Papi GRUESO Fucks Twink DANIEL Raw

Thursday February 21st new photos added. Today we have some hot & passionate new Amateur Action as Grueso attacks Daniel’s tight twink butthole with his big fat uncut Latino cock. Enjoy the hot photos today and their equally hot video which is coming out soon. MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP NOT A MEMBER?    JOIN NOW Photography by VeoVerga Click here for more

Photo fo Gio and Norte fucking bareback

Latin Bareback Fucking NORTE and GIO

Tuesday February 19th new video added. When Gio did his solo shoot a couple weeks ago he mentioned that he might want to try bottoming in his next scene. He has a really nice ass and we have been wanting to see it in action. He specifically requested to work with Norte because he loves the shape of his fact uncut cock and they ended up really liking each other and having a good fuck.… Click here for more

Box cover for bonus videos

LatinBoyz Bonus Videos

Monday February 18th, 2019 new bonus video added. Every Monday and Friday we add a new full length streaming bonus video from independent studios featuring hot Latino and interracial scenes. Today’s video is Latin Leche. These bonus streaming videos are a bonus in addition to all of our own original exclusive content. Other titles currently available are Alejo and Antonio, Fuck Me Like You Do, Bukakke Orgy, and Valerio and Urbano. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO… Click here for more

Photo of Rex and his big Latino cock

Short Papi with Big Cock REX

Sunday February 17th new photos added. Our photographer saw two guys in a street fight a couple weeks ago and tried to break them apart. One of them turned out to be our new model Rex. Despite the fact the other guy was bigger he managed to handle himself just fine. He took him out for a few beers to calm him down and the next day they did this photo session. At the photo… Click here for more

naked Latin men photo Austin

Naked Latin Men AUSTIN

Thursday February 14th new video added. Our newest model Austin is the very definition of a sexy naked Latin man. Our photographer has known him for a while because he has been helping him paint his house. He showed up recently on a day when there was nothing that needed painting asking if there was some other way he could make some money. He has a smooth cut up body, huge uncut Latino cock and… Click here for more

True Story

Wednesday February 13th new story added. Every week we feature a True Story written by our members about their first Latino sexual Experience. This week’s store is Fully Loaded. FULLY LOADED Click here for more

Photo of Dante and Stiven fucking raw

Latinos Fucking Raw DANTE and STIVEN

Tuesday February 5th new Amataur Action video added.  It took six months to convince Dante to do his first fuck scene but he liked it so much he’s back for more.  Dante has a big uncut Latino cock and loves to fuck hard and to fuck raw.  Enjoy the photos and hot video. MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P    VIDEO MOBILE For slower connections choose 720P or Mobile NOT A MEMBER?… Click here for more

Photo of Calvin

LatinBoyz Model CALVIN

Thursday January 31st new video Added. We met Calvin a couple months ago when he first moved to California from Texas. He was excited to do his photo shoot… So excited that he busted his nut too early during the shoot and we had to reschedule it. Then he ended up moving back to Texas and he’s not sure when he’s going to return. He has a really nice thick uncut cock and hot ass… Click here for more

Photo of latin bareback fuckers Santi and Mateo

Latin Bareback Fuckers SANTI and MATEO

Sunday January 27th new video added. Santi and Mateo have a complicated relationship. They grew up in the same neighborhood and Santi was known for fucking all the ladies. One day he was really horny and asked Mateo if he wanted to give up that ass. That was a couple years ago and they now fuck on a regular basis. They both needed money and there’s nothing better than getting paid for what you love… Click here for more

Photo of Miggy

LatinBoyz Model MIGGY

Tuesday January 22nd new video added. When our photographer in Colombia told us he found a new model at the famous gym that also gave us Dante, Jacob, Rony and a few others we were pretty excited. We were even more excited when we finally got to see his photos. He is one hot papi! In addition to working out for his fights he also plays soccer and has the sexy muscular thighs to prove… Click here for more

photo of cute Latino twink Antonio

Cute Latino Twink ANTONIO

Tuesday January 15th new video added. Our newest model Antonio hates being called a twink but he loves the attention it gets him. He has tried growing a mustache and goatee and has a sexy little patch of hair on his chest but he still looks like a young twink. He has an absolutely amazing ass and beautiful uncut cock and enjoys using them both. MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P… Click here for more

Photo fo barebacking papis Grueso and Stiven

Barebacking Papis GRUESO and STIVEN

January 13th new video added. When Grueso announced that he wanted to do an Amateur Action scene the bottoms practically fought over who would get to work with him but Grueso already knew who he wanted to fuck in his first video and Stiven is the lucky victim. We already know Grueso means thick because he has a thick uncut cock but we found out he also shoots a really thick load when he fucks.… Click here for more

Graphic for Franko and Jako

FRANKO Gets Fucked Raw by JAKO

January 8th new Amateur Action video added. We start the new year right with a hot new bareback Amateur Action scene featuring Franko getting fucked long and hard by Jako for his first porn scene. Enjoy two cum shots from these sexy papis (they liked fucking so much they did it twice!). MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P    VIDEO MOBILE For slower connections choose 720P or Mobile NOT A MEMBER?… Click here for more

Photo od Dante fucking daniel barebaclk

DANTE Fucks DANIEL Bareback in His First Porn

December 30th 2018 new Amateur Action video added. We’ve been wanting to see Dante’s big uncut Latino cock in action for a long time. And evidently so did Daniel, because he practically ripped Dante’s clothes off trying to get to it. The result was a nice long raw fuck session. Enjoy their hot photos today. The video is coming soon. MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P    VIDEO MOBILE For slower… Click here for more

Photo of Latin man Leonardo and twink Daniel

Latin Man Fucks Twink LEONARDO and DANIEL

New December 25th. Leonardo had never fucked another guy before. That changed when he did his first Amateur Action scene with Stiven last month. Since then this hot Latin man has been wanting to do it again and wanted to know what it would be like to fuck some tight Latino twink ass. Daniel was more than willing to take his nice thick cock up the ass in his first Amateur Action scene. MEMBERS   … Click here for more

photo of naked Latin men Santiago

LatinBoyz Model Santiago

Our new model is a cute 18 year old spotted by our photographer working out at a gym. He had just joined the gym but as you can tell he already has a nice body that he gets from playing soccer. He’s bi and a top. Hopefully he will experiment with bottoming in the future because he has an amazing ass in addition to his thick uncut Latino cock. MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO… Click here for more

Photos of Ice and Stiven fucking bareback

LatinBoyz Models ICE and Steven

In the profile for his solo shoot we noted that Ice is a straight boxer that loves getting his dick sucked. He told the photographer he was willing to get his dick sucked on camera and even wanted to try fucking a guy in the ass. The rest is history! MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P    VIDEO MOBILE For slower connections choose 720P or Mobile NOT A MEMBER?    JOIN… Click here for more

Grueso shows off his thick uncut Latin cock

LatinBoyz Model Grueso

December 6th, 2018. Grueso means thick in Spanish and by looking at his fat uncut Latin cock you can understand why he got that nickname. He’s bisexual and strictly a top when fucking guys. He also shoots a huge load. Actually, two loads in this case. Because of a technical glitch during his first shoot he had to come back and do it again the next morning and shot an even bigger load. Enjoy his… Click here for more

photo of Ruben showing his curved Latino cock

LatinBoyz Model RUBEN

November 29th, 2018. If you like guys with big curved Latino banana cocks you will love our new model Ruben. He’s a 19 year old top that loves to use that curved cock to fuck a tight hole. And as a bonus if you like guys with natural hairy butt cracks you’re in luck! MEMBERS   PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P    VIDEO MOBILE For slower connections choose 720P or Mobile NOT… Click here for more

Photo of Halo and Jezze

LatinBoyz Models HALO and JEZZE

Model Halo wanted to do an Amateur Action scene even more than a solo shoot and asked to be hooked up with the tightest Latino twink we could find for him to fuck. Jezze definitely fit the bill and his booty is as tight as they get (although Halo did a really good job of loosening him up). MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P    VIDEO MOBILE For slower connections choose… Click here for more

hung Latin twink halo

LatinBoyz Model HALO

His name is Halo but with an ass and dick like that there’s no way this hung Latino twink could be an angel! It’s a good thing he’s versatile and loves fucking and getting fucked equally. MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P    VIDEO MOBILE For slower connections choose 720P or Mobile NOT A MEMBER?    JOIN NOW Photography by LBZ1 Click here for more

Norte and Gabriel fucking bareback

NORTE and GABRIEL Fuck Bareback

Norte is a 20 year old straight guy that works as a waiter at a restuarant close to Gabriel’s house. He invited him over for a couple beers one night and found out that’s all it takes to get inside his pants. On that first night he sucked his big uncut monster cock and then next time he got fucked by him. This was the second time they fucked and luckily our cameras were there… Click here for more

fat Latin cock

MARIO Shows Off His Fat Latin Cock

Mario was living the straight life until about a year ago when he realized it’s much easier to hook up with guys. So now he goes both ways. He is a top and loves using his thick Latin cock to pound a tight hole. He told us he’s a very horny guy and we noticed that he had a lot of precum during his photo shoot and can’t wait until he comes back to film… Click here for more

Colombian twink

Cute Colombian Twink DANIEL

Our new model Daniel told us that people don’t take him seriously because of his cute baby face and twinkish appearance, when in fact he’s bisexual and only a top with guys. He has a nice veiny uncut cock with a fat head to use when he fucks. MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P    VIDEO MOBILE For slower connections choose 720P or Mobile NOT A MEMBER?    JOIN NOW Photography… Click here for more

bareback porn

Hot Bareback Porn JAKO and JP

After doing his solo shoot last month J.P. decided to try bottoming for the first time… and liked it! So much so that he said he wanted to do it on camera. He has a really hot ass according to Jako and rumor has it they’ve fooled around again off camera after doing this scene. MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P    VIDEO MOBILE For slower connections choose 720P or Mobile… Click here for more

gay Latino porn Bareback

Gay Latino Porn Bareback LEONARDO and STIVEN

Leonardo is a sexy bisexual Colombian that has only fooled around with guys a couple times, so we were surprised to find out he wanted to do a hardcore gay Latino porn scene. But he is a horny fuck and enjoyed fucking Leonardo’s ass bareback and said he would definitely like to do it again. Stiven wasn’t complaining, either. MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P    VIDEO MOBILE For slower connections… Click here for more

Latino monster cock

Latino Monster Cock on JAYDEE

Today we present Jaydee’s video. He was so excited he busted his nut twice! The first thing you will probably notice about our new model Jaydee is that he has a beautiful uncut Latino monster cock. In addition to that he has a cute face, toned body and nice butt. He has the entire package. He’s mostly a top but does bottom sometimes. He’s also adventurous sexually and is willing to try anything once. MEMBERS… Click here for more

uncut Latin dick

Cute Guy with Uncut Latin Dick JEZZE

This cute new model with the curly hair, sexy lips and fat uncut Latin dick is Jezze. He’s a 19 year old from California that ranks his favorite sexual activities in order 1) getting that fat Latino dick sucked, 2) fucking a nice tight ass, 3) sucking dick and for special occasions 4) getting fucked. He has the perfect equipment for all four! MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP    VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P   … Click here for more

thick Latin cock

Thick Latin Cock and Hot Body CRANK

Our new model Crank is a Socal native with an amazing body. He gets those sexy abs from doing a lot of cardio in addition to lifting weights. We asked him if fucking counts as cardio anD he said “Of course!” He loves fucking a thick ass and doesn’t mind getting his dick sucked, either. MEMBERS    PHOTOS    ZIP    VOTE VIDEO 1080P    VIDEO 720P    VIDEO MOBILE For slower connections choose 720P… Click here for more

latino cock uncut

Uncut Latino Cock That Loves Being Sucked JAKO

Jako is a 20 year old boxer that works out everyday so he can stay in shape for his next fight. His workouts make him very horny and he loves getting his dick sucked. So much so that he can cum two or three times a day (and only needs about twenty minutes to rest in between). Of course he loves to fuck, too. He has an amazing ass but has never bottomed. MEMBERS   … Click here for more

latino bareback

Latino Bareback Action RONY and STIVEN

We’ve had five new models from Colombia recently that all go the same gym, and we’ve had lots of requests from our members to see them in action. Our photographer that also goes to that gym was finally able to convince two of them to fuck on camera. It all started when Stiven told him that he thought Rony was hot and he wanted to fool around with him. The result is this hot bareback… Click here for more