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Box covers for Bonus Videos

LatinBoyz Bonus Videos

Friday August 16th new bareback bonus video added. Every Monday and Friday we add a new full length streaming bonus video from independent studios featuring hot Latino and interracial scenes. Today’s video is Christian and Lalo. These streaming videos are a bonus in addition to all of our own original exclusive content. Other titles currently available are Florian and Liam, Bareback Cum Party 4: Fun for Four, Dimitri and Eddie, and Dimitri and Ethan. MEMBERS… Click here for more

Photo of nude Latino men Camilio

Nude Latino Men Thick Cocks CAMILIO

Thursday August 15th new video added. The first thing we noticed about Camilio is that he has an amazing ass. Actually a perfect ass… but he is a top 🙁 Luckily he also has a REALLY thick cock so it’s not all bad news. It’s so thick his fingers barely touch when he puts them around it. He also promised to shoot a huge load and he delivered on his promise, covering his entire stomach… Click here for more

Graphic for True Story

True Story

Wednesday August 14th new story added. Every week we feature a True Story written by our members about their first Latino sexual experience. This week’s story is Lazy Day. MEMBERS    CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?    CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Click here for more

Photo fo Darrio and Jacob

Latin Men Porn Bareback Fucking JACOB and DARRIO

Tuesday August 13th new photo added. Darrio has really been wanting to do a scene with another guy since completing his solo shoot a couple weeks ago. We only had tops available which was O.K. with him but he had two requests: He said he can only bottom for someone that is really masculine AND has a thick cock. Tatted papi Jacob fits that description perfectly. Jacob had a request of his own. He wanted… Click here for more

Photo of Enzo

LatinBoyz Model Enzo

Sunday August 11th new photos added. 18 year old Enzo would love having sexy 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. He’s very passionate and hates boring sex. He loves biting, scratching, butt slapping and anything else you could imagine. He’s versatile and likes to fuck doggy style and getting fucked standing up preferably in public locations where there there is a danger of getting caught or being watched. MEMBERS    CLICK HERE TO… Click here for more

Photo of Lobo's Latino monster cock

Latino Monster Cock LOBO

Thursday August 8th new video added. A couple of years ago we featured some models that were in a rock band (Phenix, Topaz, Spyke and Sinner). Although the band has long since broken up we still keep in touch with a couple of the guys. One of them contacted us recently to tell us about a new bass player he met that he thought we would be interested in meeting. We weren’t sure what to… Click here for more

Miggy and Stiven in gay Latino sex video

Gay Latino Sex Bareback MIGGY and STIVEN

Tuesday, August 6th new video added. Miggy doesn’t have the opportunity to fuck around with guys very often. In fact, the only time he has done it is with guys on this site. He contacted the photographer recently and let him know he was horny as fuck and needed to fuck some ass. Here’s the results! MEMBERS    CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?    CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography… Click here for more

Photo of nude Latinos Darrio

Nude Latinos with Hot Ass and Dick DARRIO

Thursday August 1st new video added. Darrio was first spotted by one of the other models in the locker room at the neighborhood gym. He was getting undressed and couldn’t help but notice his amazing ass. Then the underwear came off and he bent over to grab his towel and he got a view of that hairless ass hole. Obviously his dick became hard immediately. Well, to make a long story short, they ended up… Click here for more

Photo of Codie

LatinBoyz Model CODIE

Thursday, July 25th new video added. Codie seems like the shy, quite type when you first meet him in person. But once he gets those clothes off all the inhibitions go away. He has an amazing smooth round ass which loves to get fucked, and a thick uncut Latin cock which loves to get sucked or shoved into a tight hole. We asked him what his turn ons and turn offs are and he said… Click here for more

Photo of Dante and Raymundo's Latin cocks in action

Latin Cocks Fucking Raw DANTE and RAYMUNDO

Tuesday July 23rd new video added. Dante was in a very bad mood because he got a speeding ticket on the way to the shoot and end up taking it out on Raymundo by face fucking him hard and then fucking his ass even harder. But don’t feel bad for Raymundo, he loves getting anger fucked especially when they have a huge Latino monster cock like Dante. This was Raymundo’s first porn video and he… Click here for more

Photo of nude latins Raymundo

Nude Latins with Big Cocks RAYMUNDO

Thursday, July 18th 2019 new video added. This week’s new model is a very horny 20 year old named Raymundo. He has a hot ass and beautiful thick cock that he uses to his full advantage. He loves pounding ass and getting pounded but the only thing he doesn’t like is sucking dick. And that’s only because he’s wearing braces. He will be done wearing them in a couple months and plans on sucking as… Click here for more

Photo of his big Latin dick and thick pubes

Big Latin Dicks with Thick Pubes PRANKSTER

Thursday, July 11th new video added. Our photographer was driving down the street not too long ago and saw a hot guy mowing the lawn at one of the houses that looked familiar. He did a U-turn and went back to look again. Sure enough the hot guy was Prankster who first appeared on LatinBoyz a couple years ago. Turns out he was mowing his grandma’s lawn to make a little extra money and joked… Click here for more

Photo of Gio Tio in they Latino men porn bareback

Latino Men Porn Bareback Gio and Tio

Gio and Tio met on a crowded Metro train in Sao Paulo. The train was packed and Tio’s crotch kept rubbing against Gio’s ass so he reached back and started playing with it. Needless to say he was impressed. They decided to get off at the next stop and get a cheap hotel room to fuck in… But not before stopping to call the photographer and see if he wanted to make some hot Latino… Click here for more

photo of Latino twinks Timidito

Latino Twinks Horny and Hung TIMIDITO

Our new model Timidito was really shy at the beginning of his photo shoot but became more confident as the session progressed and he got to show off his beautiful uncut cock and cute ass. He has an easy smile and doesn’t let anything get him down (he broke his arm in a motorcycle accident a couple days after the shoot and when he came in the next day to visit with the photographer he… Click here for more

photo of naked Latin men Travi and Inocencio

Naked Latin Men Fucking Raw TRAVI and INOCENCIO

Today’s new scene should be titled Incocencio’s Conquest. When he heard that Travi had never had sex with a guy before and wanted to do a scene he practically begged to be the one that broke him in. For his part, Travi was very nervous in the beginning but loosened up once the fucking started. In fact he almost shot his entire load inside Inocencio but remembered to pull out before he finished cumming. MEMBERS… Click here for more

Photo Haxx and his Puerto Rican dick

Puerto Rican Dick That is Thick on HAXXX

Haxxx is a sexy Puerto Rican top that moved to L.A. four years ago. He has a nice thick curved Puerto Rican dick and loves to fuck and can cum two or three times per session. Despite being a strict top he has a really nice ass, too, and had no problem showing it off. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by LBZ1 Click here for more

Photo of Travi's Latin dick

Latin Dick and So Much More TRAVI

What better way is there to start the new month off than with a cute Colombian twink with a big Latin dick? We can’t think of any. Travi is his name and although he has a tough side and used to get into trouble a lot he has a really cute smile and is a natural exhibitionist. Enjoy his photos today. The video is coming soon. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT… Click here for more

Photo of Austin and Inocencio in gay Latino porn bareback

Gay Latino Porn Bareback AUSTIN and INOCENCIO

Austin was pretty nervous when he did his first gay Latino porn scene a couple months ago because he didn’t have much experience fooling around with guys up to that point. He has had a little more experience since then and was excited about being the first LatinBoyz model to fuck Inocencio. This is Inocencio’s first time getting fucked on camera and he knew how to take it and enjoy it. MEMBERS    CLICK HERE… Click here for more

Photo of Dimitri and has Latino cock with thick pubes

Latino Cock Thick Pubes DIMITRI

This week’s model is a cute 18 year old with a rock hard Latino cock that is surrounded my natural thick pubes. He likes keeping things natural and finds that attractive in other guys, too. He loves to fuck face and fuck ass equally, and is a top with no interest in becoming verse at this time. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by… Click here for more

photo of naked Latino men Inocencio

Hot Naked Latino Men INOCENCIO

With that hot ass and beautiful uncut Latino cock there is no way our new model is innocent but we think his nickname is cute, anyways. If you like naked Latino men as much as we do we’re sure you will enjoy these hot photos and his video, which is coming out soon. He’s versatile and loves fucking and getting fucked equally. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE… Click here for more

Photo of Jacob and Coche fucking bareback

Latino Bareback Fucking JACOB and COCHE

Coche has literally been begging our photographer to set something up with Jacob, either off-camera or on-camera because he wanted to get fucked by this tatted papi’s big uncut cock. He got more than he bargained for. This ended up being a hot Latino bareback fucking session culminating in a tasy cum facial for Coche at the end. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography… Click here for more

Photo of David showing off his veiny Latin cock

DAVID shows off his veiny Latin cock

Our new model David is a boxer and goes to the same gym as some of our other models. His buddies at the gym have been telling him for a while that he should make some extra money showing off his big veiny Latino cock and hot body. After nine months of prodding he has finally agreed. We already knew about that Latin cock but we didn’t realize he had such a nice ass, too,… Click here for more

Photo of Shorty showing off his big Latin dick

Big Latin Dick on SHORTY

The person that gave Shorty his nickname obviously hadn’t seen his dick. If he had he would have surely called him Gigante. He’s bisexual and a top with guys. He really loves getting sloppy head, especially when they lick all around his balls and butthole while doing it. He promised our photographer he would shoot a big load but actually seemed surprised at how big it really was with half of it landing on his… Click here for more

Photo of Austin and Stiven fucking bareback

AUSTIN’S First Bareback Fuck with STIVEN

Since first publishing his solo video and photos a couple months ago we have had a tremendous number of requests to see Austin in action. Our photographer had asked him at least twenty times, but Stiven only had to ask him one time and agreed to do it because a couple of the other guys from the gym had told him how good of a bottom he is. Austin enjoyed it so much he wants… Click here for more

Phot of hot Latino guys fucking

Hot Latino Guys Fucking DANTE and HECTOR

Since breaking up with his girlfriend a couple months ago Dante has been really horny and fucking around with guys more often. He likes fucking Hector so much that he brought him in for this hot session. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by VeoVerga Click here for more

Photo of Miggy and Coche fucking raw

MIGGY and COCHE’s Latino Raw Sex Fest

Miggy was helping the photographer out during Coche’s solo session and got really horny while watching. Coche said he needed a little nap time before fucking around but as you can see Miggy had different ideas. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by VeoVerga Click here for more

Photo of hot Latin twink Aaron

Hot Latin Twink AARON

The cute guy you see here with the easy smile, sexy toned body and hot ass that loves getting fucked is our newest model Aaron. He let us know that he is a bottom with anal sex and top with oral. He really likes getting sucked off and fucked and hopefully in the same session. Check out his photos and video today. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE… Click here for more

Photo of Ronnie and his uncut Latino cock

Perfect Uncut Latino Cock RONNIE

Our new model Ronnie doesn’t like being stereotyped. He has his own casual style and loves kicking back with other skaters from the neighborhood. He is gay and a strict top and doesn’t care if others like it or not. One stereotype he doesn’t mind is when someone tells him he has the prefect uncut Latino cock. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by… Click here for more

Photo of Dante and Coche fucking raw

Latino Raw Fucking DANTE and COCHE

Coche has been wanting to get fucked raw in a gay Latino porn video for a long time. It has been a fantasy of his for as long as he can remember. He insisted that his partner should have a big dick and know how to use it. Anyone that has seen Dante in action before knows he fits the description, which you can verify in these hot photos and video. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO… Click here for more

Photo of Norte and his thick Latino cock

NORTE Shows Off His Thick Latino Cock

Norte has done a couple videos on LatinBoyz and is an amazing top. He loves showing off his thick Latino cock so we decided to have him do a solo, too. It turns out he has a beautiful Latino ass and loved showing that off, as well. After the shoot we asked him if he was going to bottom in the future and he said probably not. He just loves fucking too much. MEMBERS CLICK… Click here for more