Photo of Sabino and friend fucking

LatinBoyz Models SABINO and FRIEND

We haven’t seen LatinBoyz model Sabino in a while and he’s looking even better than ever. He brought along a cute friend that loves getting fucked and loves it when someone shoots their load on his face. They were both horny and wanted to shoot a video and we were happy to watch these two hotties in action. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?   CLICK HERE TO JOIN… Click here for more

Box covers for Bonus Videos

LatinBoyz Bonus Videos

Friday October 15th, 2021 new bareback bonus video added. Every Monday and Friday we add a new full length streaming bonus video from independent studios featuring hot Latino and interracial scenes. Today’s video is Hatin Neat. These streaming videos are a bonus in addition to all of our own original exclusive content. Other titles currently available are  My Guy Creampie 3, Diego and Davos, Adrian and Anderson, and Sly and Zoe. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO… Click here for more

Photo of naked Latin papi Leon

Hot Naked Latin Papi LEON

Sunday October 17th, 2021 new photos added. If there is one word to choose for this week’s hot naked Latin papi it’s obsession. Anything Leon does he does obsessively. For instance going to the gym is obviously an obsession for him. He told us fucking is another obsession and will do it anywhere he can. He is not shy! MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?   CLICK HERE TO… Click here for more

Photo of YRH and his Latino foreskin and big balls

Latino Foreskin and Big Balls on RYH

Thursday October 14th, 2021 new video added. The cute guy you see above with lots of Latino foreskin and big balls is our newest model RYH. He didn’t talk much about his sexual experience but we do know he has not been with a guy, yet, and that he really wants to know what it feels like to get rimmed someday. RYH wasn’t shy about showing his ass or big uncut eight inch cock, either.… Click here for more

Graphic for True Story

True Story

Wednesday October 13th, 2021 new story added. Every week we feature a True Story written by our members about their first Latino sexual experience. This week’s story is It Still Happens. MEMBERS    CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?    CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Click here for more

Photo of Nielo and Riko fucking raw

Horny Twinks Fucking Raw NIELO and RIKO

Tuesday October 12th, 2021 new video added. If you like watching Horny twinks fucking raw you’re going to love this week’s LatinBoyz Amateur Action scene. Nielo wanted to fuck Riko’s tight ass for a long time. That part we already knew! They fuck in a lot of different positions because he loves watching his rock hard dick going in and out of that hot ass from every possible angle. In addition to that they both… Click here for more

Photo of Sexy Naked Mexican Axel

Sexy Naked Mexican with Fat Cock and Hot Ass AXEL

Sunday, October 10th, 2021 new photos added. The sexy naked Mexican guy you see above has been blessed in many ways. In addition to that amazing body he has a fat cock and hot ass. And he is horny as fuck and loves using both a lot. Axel let us know the perfect cock is eight inches and the perfect ass would be one just like his that can take his fat cock. Axel’s sexy… Click here for more

Photo of Mario with the monster Cock

MARIO with the Monster Cock

Thursday October 7th, 2021 new video added.Even though he was a day late for his photo shoot he was definitively worth the wait. In addition to that huge monster cock he has a cute face and hot ass. He loves fucking on his stomach because he can penetrate those tight asses he likes to fuck even deeper. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?   CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW… Click here for more

Photo of Cezar fucking twink Nicholas with his fat cock bareback

Fat Cock Fucks Twink Bareback CESAR and NICHOLAS

Tuesday September 28th, 2021 new video added. We already knew from his solo session that we wanted to write the headline ‘Fat Cock Fucks Twink Bareback’ when that fat cock belongs to new model Cezar and the twink is Nicholas because neither model has done a scene for us before and we knew they would be hot together. Unfortunately, some social media haters got to Cezar first and convinced him to keep that fat cock… Click here for more

Photo of Cute twink with hot ass

Cute Twink With Hot Ass LUCkY (And Fat Dick too)

Thursday September 23rd, 2021 new photos added.The Cute twink with hot ass (and a fat dick too) is our newest model Lucky. He’s 19 years old and always horny as fuck. His dick gets so hard that it sticks straight up which can be awkward with some guys but not to worry because he has a really hot ass and loves to get fucked, too. That hairless hole is one of the most perfect asses… Click here for more

Photo of skinny Latino huge cock

Skinny Latino Big Cock ANDRES

Thusday September 16th, 2021 new video added. The four words “skinny Latino big cock’ always seem to go together because it seems thin Latinos are almost always hung. Our cute new model Andres is no exception to the rule. He seems to be proud of it too, as he should be, because he loves showing it off. Surprisingly, he not shy about showing his ass off either even though it is virgin. He told us… Click here for more

Photo of Poker fucking Leo Raw

POKER Fucks LEO Raw and Hard

Tuesday September 14th, 2021 new video added. In our latest amateur action scene new model Poker fucks Leo raw, and is especially turned on by his big round bubble butt. And Leo knows how to milk all the cum out of a big uncut Latino cock like the one swinging between Poker’s legs. As a result they had a a lot of fun making this bareback photo and video session. By the way, Poker let… Click here for more

Photo of sexy Latino Surfer Ciro

Sexy Latino Surfer CIRO on Latinboyz

Thursday September 8th, 2021 new video added. We first spotted sexy Latino surfer Ciro at a beach in Mexico where he was changing out of his wet suit after an afternoon of surfing and couldn’t help but notice his beautiful muscular thighs. And he also wasn’t shy about flashing his nice big uncut cock and hot ass as he changed from his wet suit to his street clothes, Ciro has a friendly outgoing personality so… Click here for more

Photo of Tigre's big curved Latino cock

Big Curved Latino Cock on TIGRE

Thursday September 2nd, 2021 new video added. Besides having a big curved Latino cock our new model Tigre is really cute. He assures us that because his dick is curved and so long he always hits the g-spot when he is fucking. When asked if he is straight, gay or bisexual he answered that he’s “open” but didn’t go into much detail. We do know that he has had his dick sucked by a guy… Click here for more

Photo of raw and rough fucking on LatinBoyz

Raw and Rough Fucking TINO and HARDCORE

Tuesday, August 31st 2021 new video added. Hardcore loves raw and rough fucking and has been begging us to set him up with Tino, whom he considers to be the perfect man. The two have a great chemistry and Tino does a great job of dominating Hardcore from beginning until the end when he shoots a big load up his tight ass. Word has it that they like each other so much they have been… Click here for more

Photo of Latino with Hot Body Cleo from LatinBoyz

Latino with Hot Body and Ass CLEO

Thursday August 26th, 2021 new video added. If you have been looking for a Latino with hot Body and Ass our newest model Cleo is your man. Indeed, in addition to that he has a cute face and a rock hard cock that is always ready to fuck. We learned that this sexy Latino jacks off twice a day: First thing in the morning and immediately after he finishes his daily workout at the gym… Click here for more

Photo of LatinBoyz model Joaquin

LatinBoyz Model JOAQUIN

Thursday August 19th, 2021 new video added. Our new model Joaquin told us people like how he kisses because he has thick lips and a long tongue. He is bisexual and is mostly a top and his fantasy is to have a threesome with a girl and a guy where he fucks both of them. He likes his bottoms on all four when he fucks. Because he’s bisexual he likes masculine guys and feminine girls.… Click here for more

Raw Latin Cum Breeding CAMILIO and POKER

Tuesday August 17th, 2021 new video added. How did a regular workout in the gym turn into a raw Latin cum breeding session? Camilio met Poker at the gym and so they started working out together. After working out together three times Poker asked Camilio if he has a girlfriend. Camilio is gay and told him so. The work out continued and when they were finished Poker mentioned he was really horny and could use… Click here for more

Photo of Latino with big balls

Latino with Big Balls and Big Dick DOWNLOW

Thursday August 12th, 2021 new video added. If you love a Latino with big balls and a big dick you’re going to love our newest model Downlow. He identifies himself as straight but he is just too horny to stay with only one sex. This 18 year old hottie has messed around with guys when he was drunk and got off on it every time. A number of his friends over the years have also… Click here for more

Photo of Latino foreskin thick cock on LatinBoyz Model Cesar

Latino Foreskin Thick Cock CESAR

Thursday August 5th, 2021 new video added. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of ‘Latino foreskin thick cock’ our new model Cesar will be your type of guy. To start with he is really cute and laid back. Despite never having fucked a guy before he had no problem showing his ass and admitted that he has had guys suck his dick before. That’s because guys know how to suck better because they have… Click here for more

This is Jessie's first raw video and Jairo's first time bottoming.

LatinBoyz Models JESSIE and JAIRO Raw Fucking

Tuesday August 3rd, 2021 new video added. Both Jessie and Jairo have let our photographer know that they thought each other was hot and they wanted to do a raw fucking scene together but no details were ever mentioned. Even on the day of the shoot nobody knew what was going to be happening. Of course, with two hot Latinos you never know what is going to happen! The shoot starts with some passionate kissing… Click here for more

Photo of Latino street fighter with monster cock

Latino Street Fighter Monster Cock ETHAN

Thursday July 29th, 2021 new video added. We’ve always dreamed about seeing Latino street fighter monster cock, but most us have never had the opportunity (or nerve) to get one of these guys to take their clothes of and jack off in front of a camera. Recently our photographer became one of the lucky ones. That’s because he got to film our newest LatinBoyz.Com model Ethan. Ethan is only twenty years old but already has… Click here for more

Photo of LatinBoyz model Barry

LatinBoyz Model BARRY

Thursday July 22nd, 2021 New video added. Our new model Barry told us that what guys most like most about him is his dick because it’s long and thick and always oozing thick precum. Even so, he loves getting fucked with his legs up in the air on his back. He especially likes big uncut dicks. His sexual fantasy is to have sex with his boyfriend’s brother. Let’s hope his boyfriend never sees this site!… Click here for more

Photo of Latino bareback breeding

Latino Bareback Breeding DANTE Fucks RIKO

Tuesday July 20th, 2021 new video added. Our latest Amateur Action scene is a hot Latino bareback breeding session between Dante and Riko. Dante let us know how bad he wanted to be pounded by Dante. However, he wasn’t sure he could take a dick that big but he’s willing to try. In fact he does have trouble deep throating and bottoming for him at the beginning. But, it didn’t take long before he’s enjoying… Click here for more

Photo of cute Latin twink Nicholas

Cute Latin Twink with Dick and Ass NICHOLAS

Thursday July 15th, 2021 new video added. Today we are introducing our latest cute Latin twink model named Nicholas. He let us know that he doesn’t like labels. But, he also let us know that he enjoys sex with both males and females. With guys he is versatile. And as you can see he has a really hot hairless bubble butt. Nicholas is also endowed with a big curved uncut cock. We want him to… Click here for more

Photo of horny young latinos bareback sex

Horny Young Latinos Bareback NIELO and WAPO

Tuesday July 6th, 2021 new video added. Our newest Amateur Action scene features some hot horny young Latinos bareback sex action with 20 year old Nielo and 19 year old Wapo. Both models have come a long way since their first solo shoots. Nielo is a power top now and loves fucking guys. He had just barely started fooling around with guys giving him head when we first met him. For his part Wapo was… Click here for more

Photo of naked Latino amateur twink Markus

Naked Latino Amateur Twink MARKUS

Thursday,  July 1st, 2021 new video added. The naked Latino amateur twink we are adding this week is 18 years old. He considers himself to be straight because he has only messed around with one guy so far. At a party a guy asked to play with his dick and then sucked him off. He did say his favorite sexual position is ‘doggy style’ because he loves fucking ass. Marcus has a cute toned body… Click here for more

Photo of LatinBoyz model Compra

LatinBoyz Model Compa

When last week’s new model Zack was added to the site we mentioned that he brought a friend named Compa with him that was thinking about doing a shoot also. He still wasn’t sure by the time the shoot was finished so we figured he wasn’t interested. But after seeing Zack in all the new clothes he bought with the money made by modeling he quickly changed his mind. It turns out they have a… Click here for more

Photo of naked 19 year old Latino Zack

Naked 19 Year Old Latino with Ripped Abs ZACK

The naked 19 year old Latino you see in the photos above is Zack. Our photographer met him at a bus stop where he was waiting with his friend (both of whom have ear plugs which you don’t see very often). It was a hot day and his ripped abs and muscular pectoral muscles were enhanced by a light coating of sweat that made them stand out even more. Both he and his friend are… Click here for more

photo of uncut Latin cock

Uncut Latin Cock and Hot Ass on SOFTCORE

It’s well known and that we love uncut Latin cock here at LatinBoyz.Com. Especially on a cute guy and that also just happens to have a beautiful hairless ass, too. Our new model Softcore has all these traits and more. His cousin is also a LatinBoyz model and he doesn’t want us to say his name but you can guess from his nickname who it is. The people he has been with say they love… Click here for more

Photo of Latino twinks bareback sex

Latino Twinks Bareback Sex JAIRO and HAZE

Tuesday June 8th, 2021 new video added. We know our members love watching Latino twinks bareback sex. We met Jairo at a bus station going back to his city just last month and he made it clear that he wants to fuck one of the cute bubble butts we have on the site in the near future. Obviously Haze meets that description. He has the perfect round bubble butt. Moreover he knows how to use… Click here for more

Photo of Latin bareback flip fuck scene

Latin Bareback Flip Fuck HARDCORE and ANGELO

We get a lot of requests for Latin bareback flip fuck scenes but most of our models aren’t versatile. They’er either strict tops or strict bottoms. Almost every one of our recent models wants to do a video with Hardcore but he wasn’t sure he wanted to do one. Finally after three months he agreed to do it as long as the other model is versatile. Another condition was that they have to have a… Click here for more

Photo of Latin fucked raw on LatinBoyz.Com

Latin Twink Fucked Raw RIKO Pounded by TINO

This week’s hot new action scene shows a cute Latin twink fucked raw by a tatted masculine top named Tino. Riko has made it clear that he wants to do his first scene with someone masculine, handsome, and packing a big uncut Latino cock. Clearly Tino has all those traits and he has been working out even harder lately and his body is looking better than ever. Another benefit of working out more is that… Click here for more

Photo of young raw fuckers Travi and Dimitrios

Young Raw Fuckers TRAVI and DIMITRIOS

Here’s how this scene of young raw fuckers went down. Both models wake up horny as hell because it has been over a week since either busts a nut. Whereas Travi wakes up wanting to fuck a bitch which is the opposite of what Dimitrios wants. He wakes up wanting to get fucked like a bitch. As you can guess it’s not long before both call our photographer to set something up. The hot XXX… Click here for more

photo of flip flop Latino bareback

Flip Flop Latino Bareback REYMUNDO and LEO

We haven’t done a flip flop Latino bareback scene in a long time and this scene happened by accident. Reymundo (the cutie wearing the hat) shows up for his interview with our photographer. His friend Leo comes along because he is giving him a ride to the location. As our photographer is taking Reymundo’s test photos it is obvious that Leo is getting an erection. Within 15 minutes they are making out to help Reymundo… Click here for more

Photo of hung papi Renzo

Hung Papi RENZO Showing off Monster Cock

Hung papi Renzo is a natural exhibitionist. And with a dick and ass like that who wouldn’t be? He loves meeting people on hook-up apps, public parks and nude beaches. Especially the nude beaches because he can show off his 9 1/2 inches of uncut Mexican cock there. Renzo told us he is versatile and tops about 60% of the time and bottoms about 40% of the time. He challenges himself to find guys that… Click here for more

Photo of raw Latin twink sex

Raw Latin Twink Sex with Nielo and Haze

If it’s one think that both Nielo and Haze love it’s raw Latin twink sex. As a matter of fact they never do it any other way. Without a doubt these two have a great chemistry and Nielo says Haze’s ass if the closest thing to a real pussy as you can get. They have been fucking almost every day since filming! Haze told us that Nielo is a human fuck machine and can fuck… Click here for more

Photo of a perfect Latino twink ass

Perfect Latino Twink Ass on RIKO

This week’s model clearly has the perfect Latino twink ass. In addition he has a nice big cock, too. His name is Riko and his sexual fantasy is to have sex with an anonymous person on public transportation or anyplace where there is a chance of getting caught. Getting fucked in a crowded Metro train when it’s so crowded that nobody around them would be able to see what they are doing would be really… Click here for more

Bi Curious Latin Twink MARCUS

Bi Curious Latin Twink Marcus is our newest model. 20 year old Marcus if often confused for being a twink and a bottom. But in fact he had never been with a guy before and definitely hasn’t taken it up the ass, Which isn’t to say he isn’t curious. A lot of cute guys have hit up on him and even offered him money but so far he has been too nervous to go all… Click here for more

Photo of big dick bareback fucking Latino style

Big Dick Barebacking Latino Style TINO and HAZE

We know that Tino likes big dick barebacking action because he loves talking about his sex life. Even so he would not confirm his interest in doing it in front of the cameras. But now all of a sudden he wants to fuck Haze because he has a beautiful big bubble butt and can obviously handle a big dick. Moreover it looks like he can deep throat a big cock better than anyone. Their chemistry… Click here for more

Photo of LatinBoyz model Hardcore

LatinBoyz Model Hardcore

When he was growing up Hardcore was a little shorter than a lot of the other guys at school so he started getting tattoos (lots of them) and learned how to fight to protect himself. His hardcore look turned on the girls and he fucked a lot of them. Even guys would hit up on him so one night at a party two years ago he ended up fucking a dude for the first time… Click here for more

Photo of monster cock bareback fucking

Monster Cock Bareback Fucking DANTE AND DIMITRIOS

We have some hot monster cock bareback fucking for you this week as Dimitrios makes his debut in a LatinBoyz Amateur Action scene. During his solo shoot we found out he loves to bottom for someone with a huge dick like his own but that is a rare find. Undoubtedly Dante meets the standard, as we all know. Dante’s big Latino cock is legendary on this site. Not only does Dimitrios know how to take… Click here for more

photo of Latin wink hot ass and fat cock Haze

Latin Twink Hot Ass and Fat Cock HAZE

Our newest model Haze loves to smoke out and have his Latin twink hot ass and thick cock played with. The dick is eight inches long and very thick on this cute versatile papi. Of course he his horny all the time like all the rest of our models and has sex as often as possible and jacks of at least once every day. In addition to having his dick played with he loves having… Click here for more

Photo of Latin man Benz fucking fucking Otro

Latin Man Fucks Twink BENZ AND OTRO

A hot Latin man fucks twink in our newest LatinBoyz Amateur Action scene. The hot man is Benz and the cute Latino twink is Otro. In addition to thinking that Benz is the perfect man, Otro loves how hard his cock gets when he fucks and practically begs our photographer to work with him. Benz is very masculine and has a hot toned body. In addition to that he knows how to fuck really good.… Click here for more

Photos of Dimitrios' latin twink huge dick

Latin Twink Huge Dick DIMITRIOS

If you have been searching for ‘Latin twink huge dick’ today is your lucky day. Our newest model is a 19 year old named Dimitrios that is blessed with a beautiful curved Latino monster cock. In fact it’s so big and curved that a lot of guys have a problem taking it. But of course that is not a problem because he is very versatile. He loves getting rimmed and has even busted a nut… Click here for more

photo of Chido and his big uncut Latin dick

Big Uncut Latin Dick on CHIDO

Our first model for 2021 is a cute guy with a big uncut Latin dick that likes to show off named Chido. He was first caught stroking that dick on the Metro by someone who filmed it with his phone and published it on social media. Instead of getting mad he contacted the guy and let him know he would be at the mall bathroom getting sucked off if he wants to film him some… Click here for more

Photo of bareback fucking twinks Nielo and Pablito

Bareback Fucking Twinks NIELO and PABLITO

If you love watching bareback fucking twinks as much as we do you’re going to love our newest Amateur Action scene with Nielo and Pablito. Pablito loves Nielo’s tight toned body and wants to suck his dick really bad. After seeing his video with ‘The Big One’ Nielo was impressed at how Palito takes over when getting fucked. He thrusts his ass back on a hard cock as the aggressor even if he is the… Click here for more

photo of raw gay Latin porn

Raw Gay Latin Porn TRAVI and WAPO

After finishing his solo shoot three months ago Wapo wasn’t sure whether he wanted to do a raw gay Latin porn video. Even so he has been fantasizing about doing it. Last week he called our photographer saying he wants to be Travi’s bitch in a new LatinBoyz Amateur Action scene. Of course Travi loves treating cute Latino twinks like his own personal bitch and was horny anyways. Not that he isn’t horny all the… Click here for more

Photo of naked Latino boxer Cezar

Naked Latino Boxer CEZAR

Check out this sexy naked Latino boxer named Cezar. Our photographer saw him working out through a window at the local gym and knew he had to see him naked. Luckily for us he’s proud of his body and especially his ripped abs… plus his dick, of course. As you would expect from someone that works out every day he is horny as fuck and his dick stayed rock hard through the entire shoot. Cezar… Click here for more

Photo of latino twink bareback fucking on LatinBoyz.Com

Latino Twink Bareback Fucking with PABLITO and THE BIG ONE

18 year old Pablito is a friend of our photographer and loves Latino twink bareback fucking and has wanted to do a video for LatinBoyz.Com for a long time. But he has never worked up the nerve to actually do it. Then a couple days ago he met another 18 year old guy in a public restroom at a department store. They ended up fucking right on the spot. So, he shows up at the… Click here for more

Phots of horny Latin twink Ocho

Horny Latin Twink OTRO

A lot of people don’t know that you can apply to be a LatinBoyz model directly from our site but our latest horny Latin twink Ocho did and sent in his application a couple weeks ago. He told us he’s a natural exhibitionist and loves showing off. Ocho wasn’t joking! He was so horny that his dick was rock hard for the entire shoot and he could barely push it down to get it to… Click here for more

Latino raw twinks fucking on LatinBoyz.Com

Raw twinks fucking and sucking NIELO and OTRO

Everyone loves watching Latino raw twinks fucking. Especially when they are as cute as Nielo and Otro. It should be noted that this is Otro’s first time getting fucked. Well, first time getting fucked on camera that is. This scene is the second time for Nielo and he really tears up Otro’s tight hole in the process. After filming the scene Nielo said he wants Otro to be his personal bitch to relieve the pressure… Click here for more

Fucked Raw by Latino Monster Cock DANTE and ANDY

We know you guys love watching hot guys getting fucked raw by Latino monster cocks. The story behind today’s new Amateur Action scene is interesting. Dante works out at a local gym where he likes to use the punching bag to relieve the stress. Previously he had noticed 21 year old Andy helping other guys working work out and discovered that he is a personal trainer. One day they were both working out and just… Click here for more

Photo of Colombian Twink cute face Nieto

Colombian Twink Cute Face and Body NIELO

We love a Colombian twink cute face, sexy body, six pack abs and a thick cock. Undoubtedly Nielo meets this description. Our photographer sees him running in the park shirtless a couple of weeks ago. When he turns off the path and heads into an area of thick trees and bushes he decides to follow him. After a few minutes he spots Nielo taking a piss and is impressed by his beautiful uncut cock. Nielo… Click here for more

photo of sexy Latino rocker monster dick enrico

Sexy Latino Rocker with Monster Cock ENRICO

It’s been a while since we have had any sexy Latino rockers on here but one of our models from the past has been working with a new drummer named En rico that is always bragging about his big uncut Latino cock. Being as a lot of other guys that have worked with the band have modeled for LatinBoyz.Com he was more comfortable about doing it, too. He loved showing off that big monster cock… Click here for more

Photo of Latin twinks bareback fucking Nielo and Dak LatinBoyz.Com

Latin Twinks Bareback Fucking NIELO and DAK

We know you guys love watching Latin twinks fucking bareback. Our newest model Nielo wasted no time after his solo photoshoot. He was so horny the next day that he called us first thing in the morning and said he would be willing to fuck the tightest ass we have. Being as Dak only recently came out and has only been fucked by two guys we knew he would be the perfect bottom. Nielo and… Click here for more

Photo of naked Latins big dicks Wapo from LatinBoyz.Com

Naked Latins Big Dick WAPO

One of our members did an online search for ‘naked Latins big dicks’ and ended up finding a social media page from our new model Wapo and contacted him to see if he would be interested in modeling for us. Wapo really needed the money and said yes right away. He’s a happy guy with an easy smile and had a lot of fun doing the shoot and showing off that big dick as well… Click here for more

Photo of Jacob a tatted Latino fucking bareback

Tatted Latino Fucking Bareback JACOB and ANGELO

If you love watching a tatted Latino fucking bareback you’re going to love our newest Amateur Action scene starring Jacob and Angelo. We always know when Jacob needs to pay for some new tattoos because he starts calling our photographer asking if he has any tight asses to fuck. Of course he always does. Angelo told him after the shoot that Jacob is a really good fuck and would love to do a scene with… Click here for more

Photo of Jalisco showing off his big Mexican cock

Big Mexican Cock on JALISCO

Jalisco sent us an EMail asking if we knew how he could make money with his big Mexican cock. Obviously we had an answer for that! He is a gay top that has no problem finding tight asses that want to get pounded by that nine incher. Jalisco’s bigger problem is finding someone that can take it. Lovers of big uncut cocks will like his new photos and video for sure. He’s right up there… Click here for more

Photo of LatinBoyz gay Latino videos bareback with Talvez and Eddie

Gay Latino Videos Bareback TALVEZ and EDDIE

So, Talvez is walking down the street thinking about one of the gay Latino videos bareback he had seen that morning. Of course this causes his dick to get hard. He has it under control but decides to go into a restroom inside a nearby restaurant and jack off to relieve the pressure. Obviously the big bulge is going to catch someone’s attention. Little does he know he is being followed by a cute Latin… Click here for more

photo of latin dick cute twink LatinBoyz model Jey

Latin Dick Cute Twink JEY from LatinBoyz

When you have that big Latin dick cute twink thing going on like our new model Jey does you get hit on a lot. And that’s not a bad thing, especially if you are always fucking horny like he is. Jey loves to fuck every day if he can. Indeed, he can do it three or four times a night and sometimes wears out his partners when he’s still ready to go again. He really… Click here for more

Photo of LatinBoyz nude Latin men fucking raw

Nude Latin Men Raw Fucking TRAVI and ANGELO

Travi likes doing nude Latin men raw fucking videos so he can earn some money and bust a nut at the same time. As most of you know he is a tatted straight Latino that is always horny and he can’t find enough pussy to keep himself busy. Obviously none of our models that are either bottoms or versatile have any complaints about that. That is because Travi has a nice big eight inch uncut… Click here for more

Photos of LatinBoyz model Kasper showing off his thick curved Latin dick

Thick Curved Latin Dick KASPER

The cute guy you see on this page with the thick curved Latin dick is Kasper. He’s a horny 20 year old bisexual guy that admits to thinking about sex 24/7. Besides having that thick Latino cock he also has a beautiful hairless ass and doesn’t mine showing it off for our cameras. He has one rimming experience from his ex-girlfriend and thinks it feels O.K. but is not sure he will ever do it… Click here for more

Photo of Talvez showing off his hard Latino cock

Hard Latino Cock That is Always Ready TALVEZ

Check out our new model Talvez who loves showing off his hard Latino cock. He let us know that he always gets erections in the strangest places and doesn’t have any control over it because he is always horny. Those boners have been spotted quite a few times because he has a big dick and it’s hard to hide. As a result he has hooked up on the spot a lot of times because he… Click here for more

Photo of horny Latino twinks named Gatito

Horny Latino Twinks Like Showing Off GATITO

One of the biggest fears that photographers have is working with horny Latino twinks that are not able to get and stay hard. Clearly our new model Gatito doesn’t have that problem. In fact, his dick was hard during the entire photo shoot! Our photographer never even saw it soft. He was spotted waiting at a bus stop and he even had a hard-on then. This 18 year old thinks about sex day and night.… Click here for more

Photo fo naked Latino men playful

Naked Latino Men Sexy PLAYFUL

Our new model Playful tells us that the way to his heart is through your mouth on his dick and is another in our long time of sexy naked Latino men. He loves getting his dick sucked and as you can see he has a nice thick uncut cock. Even so he has a hard time finding anyone that can suck his dick right because it is so thick. When he finds someone that can… Click here for more

This hunh Latin dick is out newest model Elito

Hung Latin Twink ELITO

This cute hung Latin twink with the innocent face and curly hair is our newest model Elito. In person he is a little shy but after talking for a while we finally got to the juicy part out of him. Like having a foursome recently and he the fact that he likes to fuck in as many positions as possible whenever he hooks up. He is mostly a top but when he’s really horny he… Click here for more

Photo of Latino monster cock porn with Dante and Angelo

Latino Monster Cock Porn DANTE and ANGELO

Angelo was a total top when we first met him last year. But now he is verse and likes to try new things. He wants a bigger dick each time he does a new video and there is one in particular that he wants to try. Today he gets his wish and he’s very happy about it. In this new video he takes Dante’s big Latino monster cock like a champ and shoots a huge… Click here for more

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We get lots of requests to see the models fucking and sucking, especially when they are a cute Latino twink like Luckee. Even so, it can be hard to convince them to do nude Latins bareback fucking videos. But not Luckee! He jacks off frequently while watching Benz’ videos so he is obviously interested in having sex with him. It also turns out that Benz thinks he is really cute so they have a good… Click here for more

Photo of Rafael

LatinBoyz Model RAFAEL

Our photographer has seen Raphael walking his dog in the neighborhood for the last six months. He always seems to walk it in the late morning and early afternoon, and sometimes two or three times a day. Curiosity finally got the best of him one day and he decided to strike up a conversation so he could find out why. It turns out that the dog gets him a lot of attention, especially from the… Click here for more

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Huge Latino Cock DANTE

Dante is talking with our photographer recently and mentions in passing that he finally got rimmed (He wouldn’t say whether it was with a guy or girl). “Is that ass still virgin?” Asks the photographer and Dante assures him that it is. Everyone knows Dante because of his huge Latino cock (one of the biggest to appear on the site). But, we have lots of requests from members to see more of his hairless ass.… Click here for more

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Latin Twinks with Thick Cocks LUCKEE

The newest of our cute Latin twinks is Luckee. He said he got his nickname when he was young because good things always come his way. For instance he got mad at his boss recently and quit his job and he realized later while eating lunch at a fast food restaurant that he didn’t have enough money to make his motorcycle payment. That’s when he met our photographer and he got lucky again because he… Click here for more