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Photo os Latino men porn with Miggy and Rex

Latino Men Porn Action MIGGY and REX

Tuesday, March 31st 2020 new photos added. Rex has been wanting to do another Latino men porn scene with a particular model. It should be noted that he has the hots for Miggy. But, he hasn’t been seen for almost six months. So clearly he was happy recently when our photographer let him know that Miggy is back and horny as hell. Miggy loves being serviced and Rex was glad to be of service! Miggy… Click here for more

LatinBoyz Bonus Videos

Monday, March 30th 2020 new bareback bonus video added. Every Monday and Friday we add a new full length streaming bonus video from independent studios featuring hot Latino and interracial scenes. Today’s video is Raw Society. These streaming videos are a bonus in addition to all of our own original exclusive content. Other titles currently available are Un Local de Puta Madre 2, Ak and Mowl, David and Pierce, and Trend and Jessid. MEMBERS  … Click here for more

Photo of Dante and his huge Latino cock

Huge Latino Cock DANTE

Sunday, March 29th 2020 new photos added. Dante is talking with our photographer recently and mentions in passing that he finally got rimmed (He wouldn’t say whether it was with a guy or girl). “Is that ass still virgin?” Asks the photographer and Dante assures him that it is. Everyone knows Dante because of his huge Latino cock (one of the biggest to appear on the site). But, we have lots of requests from members… Click here for more

Photo of Latin twink Luckee

Latin Twinks with Thick Cocks LUCKEE

Thursday, March 26th 2020 new video added. The newest of our cute Latin twinks is Luckee. He said he got his nickname when he was young because good things always come his way. For instance he got mad at his boss recently and quit his job and he realized later while eating lunch at a fast food restaurant that he didn’t have enough money to make his motorcycle payment. That’s when he met our photographer… Click here for more

True Story

Wednesday, March 25th 2020 new story added. Every week we feature a True Story written by our members about their first Latino sexual experience. This week’s story is the Red Pick-Up Truck. MEMBERS    CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?    CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Click here for more

Photo of gay Latin sex raw

Gay Latin Porn Raw JACOB and RANDY

Thursday March 24th, 2020 new video added. There’s an old expression that says, “Be careful of what you ask for, you might actually get it.” Randy told our photographer that he wanted to get fucked by a tattooed roughneck that would treat him like a bitch in a gay Latin porn raw scene. When Jacob found out about his fantasy he was more than willing to fulfill it. Along with making him gag on his… Click here for more

Photo of Hermano showing off Latin cock hard

Latin Cock Hard and Ready HERMANO

Sunday March 22nd, 2020 new photos added. Public parks are a great place to meet sexy Latinos, not only to watch them sweat while working out but also to get a chance to talk to them. This is especially true if they are there alone. Hermano was playing basketball by himself and you could clearly see his latin cock hard swinging back and forth in his sweatpants. Clearly our photographer recognizes a big dick when… Click here for more

LatinBoyz Model DAK

Thursday, March 19th new video added. Our photographer met DAK playing soccer by himself at a park a few months ago. He tried to convince him to do nude modeling for us but he declined because he didn’t want his girlfriend to find out. We finally agreed that we wouldn’t show his face on the thumbnail image and being as he was really horny anyways he agreed to do this jack off video. MEMBERS  … Click here for more

Photo of gay Latino sex bareback

Gay Latino Sex Bareback NANDEZ and BENJAMIN

Tuesday March 10th, 2020 new video added. We’ve had a lot of requests to see new model Nandez in an Amateur Action scene so we asked him if he was interested in doing a gay Latino sex bareback video. He said he was and that he wanted to do it with Benjamin because he has a big dick and a big round ass. Benjamin was in a relationship when he did his solo shoot and… Click here for more

Photo of Straight Broke Latino Travi fuckign bareback

Straight Broke Latinos Fucking Bareback TRAVI and BRAYAN

Tuesday, March 3rd 2020 new video added. Broke straight Latinos like Travi always seem to show up after breaking up with their girlfriends when they need to get their big uncut Latino cock serviced. They also want to make some money, too. Brayan has absolutely been wanting to get fucked by Travi’s big dick for a long time. Now is just the chance he is waiting for. Above all that he has a tight Latino… Click here for more

Photo of sexy Latino twink Slick Rick

Latino Twinks Sexy Body SLICK RICK

Obviously we like Latino twinks here at LatinBoyz.Com. But unlike some of the others we’ve had on the site Slick Rick adds a different twist. In addition to a smooth toned body and cute bubble butt he has some masculine traits like a thick happy trail and hairy legs to give him an added sexy dimension. Besides all that he has a beautiful uncut Mexican cock and smooth hairless asshole, which he loves showing off.… Click here for more

Photo of Lechero and Inocencio bareback fucking

Latin Bareback Fucking LECHERO and INOCENCIO

Lechero has wanted to do a Latin bareback fucking video ever since he can remember. He was supposed to meet Lechero at 12:00 noon and he was there on time but couldn’t find him. He tried sending him a text but there was no response so he went to the shooting location only to find he was already there asleep on the bed. That didn’t deter him, though, and he started eating Incocencio’s round bubble… Click here for more

Photo of Nandez and his gay Latino cock

Gay Latino Cock and Lots of Cum NANDEZ

19 year old Nandez likes to keep is sexuality on the down low in his neighborhood. He’s gay (although he has a tendency to play on the other team sometimes when he’s drunk) and versatile. And when it comes down to deciding when to top and when to bottom he likes both but his partner has to service him orally first. In other words, if they want to fuck him they need to rim his… Click here for more

Photo of Amado's Latino foreskin

Latino Foreskin Lovers will Love AMADO

Foreskin lovers rejoice… Our newest model has the quintessential uncut Latino cock with foreskin to spare. Apart from this he’s really cute, too. It should be noted that he only started fooling around with guys about a year ago and has so far only topped other guys and gotten sucked off. Nonetheless he’s turned on by the idea of sucking another guy without a doubt but wants to wait until he gets his braces off.… Click here for more

photo of Latin men porn fucking raw

Latin Men Porn Raw Fucking BENZ and STIVEN

Undoubtedly LBZ members love Latin men porn raw fucking action. It should be noted that Benz hasn’t had sex since breaking up with his girlfriend and Stiven has been trying to get in his pants ever since. Finally he found a way to make it happen. Besides Benz needed the money and Stiven needed a big dick so what better way to make everyone happy! Reviews for Benz and Stiven Latin men porn raw fucking… Click here for more

Photo of Benz and his thick Latin cock

Latin Cock Thick Mushroom Head on BENZ

One of our models Stiven saw Benz working out at a local park and took the first photo that you see in this set and sent it to the photographer to see if he would be interested in shooting him for LatinBoyz. Without a doubt he knew just by looking at him that he had to have a thick Latin cock! Of course he said yes and it turns out Benz needed the money so… Click here for more

Photo of Latino bareback flip fucking

Latino Bareback Flip Fucking RANDY and ANGELO

For his first LatinBoyz Amateur Action scene Randy wanted to show that he loves to fuck and get fucked equally so it was only natural to pair him with Angelo who also knows how to use his thick Latino cock and cute ass. MEMBERS    CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?    CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by VeoVerga Click here for more

Photo of Mexican twink Venicio

Mexican Twinks with Hot Ass and More VENICIO

It’s always the quiet ones! Venicio was born and raised in the Midwest U.S. and is very calm and polite. But when it comes to sex he told us he’s a freak. He gets into handcuffs & domination and hates boring sex. He has a smooth toned twink body, beautiful uncut Mexican cock and a hot hairless ass. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?   CLICK HERE TO JOIN… Click here for more

Photo of naked Latin men Randy

Naked Latino Men with Muscular Thighs RANDY

Thursday, January 16th new video added. Our new model Randy has a tattoo that says ‘Everyone writes their own story’. With that thick uncut Latino cock and big round bubble butt we’re willing to bet that his story will involve a lot of sex! He was spotted playing soccer with some friends at the park. Soccer is his passion (besides sex, of course) which explains his thick muscular thighs. He’s versatile and open to doing… Click here for more

Photo of Latin cock Juliano and Brayan

Latin Cock Bareback Action JULIANO and BRAYAN

Juliano told our photographer that he wanted to fuck some tight Latino twink ass in his next Amateur Action scene, and that he had someone in mind… Brayan. When Brayan saw the photos of Juliano’s thick Latino cock he was all in. The result is some hot passionate fucking and lots of cum at the end. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?   CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography… Click here for more

Photo of Latinos Austin and Zach fucking raw

Latinos Fucking Raw AUSTIN and ZACH

Zach let us know that he wanted to do an Amateur Action shoot before even starting his solo session. When asked which model he wanted to work with he said Austin because he fucks good and always shoots a big load. Austin didn’t disappoint him in either way! MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?   CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by VeoVerga Click here for more

Photo of Latin twink Raffi showing his Latino monster cock

Latino Monster Cock on Cute Latin Twink RAFFI

We love twinks, we love big Latino monster cocks, we love full bushes of natural pubic hair, and lots of foreskin. Our newest model Raffi has all that and more. He’s currently a college student and loves getting sucked off in the restroom between classes to help relieve the stress of school. He’s a verse top but doesn’t have as much time for fucking around as he would like. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER… Click here for more

Photo of Julian and his big Latino dicks

Big Latino Dicks JULIANO

Our new model Juliano was discovered working at a construction site as a roofer. He was working under the hot sun and his body was glistening with sweat, showing off his athletic build to it’s fullest. An offer of a couple beers after work was accepted and they met up later that night. When told about the modeling Juliano said he always thought there would be a way to make money with his big Latino… Click here for more

Photos of Latin men porn Juliano and Angelo

Latin Men Porn Bareback JULIANO and ANGELO

Today’s new Amateur Action is all about ‘firsts’. Juliano was serious when he told us he wanted to do hardcore porn and fuck some ass in his ‘first’ porn video. And Angelo has tried bottoming a couple times since doing his solo shoot and wanted to bottom for the ‘first’ time on camera. Both of these Latin men porn models did a great job and had a lot of fun in the process. MEMBERS  … Click here for more

Photo of Latin twink Bryant

Latin Twink with Big Dick and Hot Ass BRYANT

Most of the time when you meet a guy you are going hook up with you know whether you want to fuck him or get fucked by him. With our newest model Bryant it would be a much harder decision because he has the perfect bubble butt and perfect thick eight inch uncut Latin twink cock. Luckily people that find themselves in this position will be happy to know he is versatile. He was born… Click here for more

Austin and his big Latin cock

Big Latin Cock on ZACH

Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get when you photograph a new model. Our photographer met Zach waiting for a bus and took a chance on approaching him about modeling. He had a rough exterior and acted tough but needed the money and agreed to do the shoot. But, when he got naked it was a different story. He loved showing off his big Latin cock and surprising had no problem showing his… Click here for more

photo of Angelo and Inocencio having gay Latin sex bareback

Gay Latin Sex Bareback ANGELO and INOCENCIO

Sometimes the models do things without the photographer knowing. Angelo and Inocencio met each other on social media and decided to meet in person. They both like sports so they started practicing soccer moves together and one thing lead to another and they ended up sucking each other off. But then Angelo wanted to fuck Inocencio. He liked the idea but suggested they do it on camera so they can have fun and get paid… Click here for more

Foto of vergas grande de Samuel

Vergas Grandes Para Ti SAMUEL

Tenemos una verga grande para ti (We have a big dick for you). One of our photographers met Samuel working at a house at the end of his end of his block as a painter. He was just starting his lunch break and took a chance on starting a conversation. Samuel wanted to make some extra money (like most of our models) but only had 30 minutes so they decided to do a video instead… Click here for more

photo of Travi and Stiven fucking raw

Latin Men Fucking Raw TRAVI and STIVEN

Travi invited Stiven over to play video games but he had an ulterior motive. His girlfriend doesn’t suck dick and he knows Stiven loves doing that. Of course Stiven loves getting fucked even more than sucking dick so it didn’t take him long to convince Travi to stick his big cock inside his hungry hole. They both shot huge loads but were so horny they started fucking again, catching our cameraman by surprise. He caught… Click here for more

photo of nude Latin men Geronimo

Nude Latin Men with Ripped Bodies GERONIMO

Our photographer noticed Geronimo working out at a local park and was so impressed that he immediately pulled out his video camera and started shooting. Geronimo seemed to like the attention and afterwords the photographer wanted to know if he wanted to make some quick cash doing nude modeling. All that working out ensured that Geronimo would have a nice thick load! Check out his short preview video. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE… Click here for more

Photo of Angelo and Darrio in the Gay Latin Video Bareback

Gay Latin Videos Fucking Bareback Angelo and Darrio

Sunday, November 10th New Video Added. A slight schedule change this week. The Sunday Amateur of the Week will appear on Tuesday. We’re moved this video up a few days to accommodate the change. Angelo just did his first solo shoot a couple weeks ago and was excited about getting to fuck another guy on camera as soon as possible. He likes thick asses like Darrio’s and wanted to stick in in that tight bubble… Click here for more

photo of Latino rocker twink Tavi

Mexican Rocker with Long Hair and Thick Cock TAVI

A couple years ago we featured a couple rock musicians on the site. One of them recently told us about his 18 year old cousin that wanted to make some extra money doing nude modeling. This long-haired rocker is named Tavi (Short for Octavio) and the first thing we noticed about him is that he’s horny as fuck. His dick never went soft during the entire shoot. He’s bisexual and loves getting head more than… Click here for more

photo nude Latin men Angelo

Nude Latin Men Sexy as Fuck ANGELO

Angelo is young, hung and REALLY full of cum. After doing his photos he shot a very big load during his video but there were technical problems with the pictures so he came back the next day and shot an even bigger load! If you like your nude Latin men to have an amazing athletic body, beautiful round bubble butt and thick uncut cock you’ll love Angelo. Despite having that hot ass he’s a top… Click here for more

Photos Latino bareback sex Austin and Rex

Latino Bareback Sex AUSTIN and REX

It all started with a text to our photographer that said, “I’m horny as hell and I need to get fucked now!” The sender was LatinBoyz model Rex, who did a solo shoot earlier this year. He hasn’t wanted to do a scene because he had a boyfriend but they’ve since broken up and now he wants to get fucked in front of a camera. Austin is a horny fuck, too, and was more than… Click here for more

Photo of nude Mexican men Tex

Nude Mexican Men with Lots of Latino Foreskin TEX

We met Tex a year or so ago when he drove out to California from Texas on a whim. We ran into him on the street the other day and was surprised to find out he is still here. He’s been working out since then and has developed a passion for getting tattoos. We convinced him to do a shoot on the spot. You’ll love all that Latino foreskin covering his thick veiny uncut Mexican… Click here for more

Photo of Dante and Roman Latin bareback

Latin Bareback Fucking DANTE and ROMAN

We’ve all heard the term ‘boy pussy’ used to describe a guy’s ass that feels like more like a vagina. Dante told our photographer he met a guy with boy pussy and he wasn’t kidding. Roman is a true power bottom and knew how to handle Dante’s big monster cock in this hot Latin bareback scene. Dante’s big Latino monster cock just destroys Roman’s once tight ass. MEMBERS   CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS… Click here for more