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Perfect Latino Bubble Butt on RICKEY

Rickey loves showing off his perfect Latino bubble butt
Age 20 – Height 5′ 6″ – Weight 125 lbs. – Mexican-American

If it’s one thing we have learned over the years it’s that our members clearly love a perfect Latino bubble butt (almost as much as they do a big uncut cock). Our new model Rickey definitely has an amazing ass and loves to get it pounded. Rickey is also very shy when he first meets people but loosens up once he gets to know them better. Especially if they have a big uncut cock! When having sex he loves getting his dick sucked and sucking off other guys. He will top but the person he is fucking has to have a nicer ass than he does. As a result he usually bottoms when it comes down to fucking.

Rickey as a tight toned body because he has been doing gymnastics since he was ten years old. Even though he graduated from High School a year ago he still works out everyday. He let us know know that his flexibility comes in handy when having sex because he can try do it in new and interesting positions. His sexual fantasy is to have sex with one of his college professors in class once all the other students leave. He has set a goal of doing this before he graduates.

Rickey’s perfect Latino bubble butt reviews…

“I have to admit I was getting worried that you guys don’t show as much booty hole in the last month. There’s nothing I love more that a hot Latin twink ass. Obviously I love to rimm a big round ass like Rickey. I will stick my tongue in that tight hole any day! And he’s cute, too!”
– Fernie in Anaheim, CA
“I love all the models on this site. But I really love the twinks most of all. Without a doubt Rickey has everything I want in a hot Latino twink: Cute face, tight body and that big bubble butt. Amazing find.”
– Rene in Las Vegas



Photography by LBZ1