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Nude Latino Papi Shows Off RIGO

Photo of nude Latino papi Rigo showing off the goods
Age 20 – Height 5′ 11″ – Weight 165 lbs. – Colombian

Our photographer sees Rigo working out on his rooftop everyday. He confesses that he even jacks off sometimes in a position where he can’t be seen fantasizing about what he would look like is he was a nude Latino papi instead of wearing shorts and a jersey. So one day Rigo catches him and calls him out on it. Being as it’s a really hot day and he’s sweating profusely our photographer takes the opportunity to invite him over for a beer. While drinking the beer he compliments him on his sexy body and asks what gym he belongs to. “It takes money to join a gym and that’s something I don’t have,” He says.

Of course that’s the perfect opening to tell him about the modeling opportunity. And as it turns out with so many of our models, Rigo loves showing off. He goes up to the roof top and works out for a few minutes to get pumped out and is then ready to go! He’s only 20 years old but this sexy nude Latino papi already has everything it needs to satisfy his hook-ups including a thick uncut cock and hot ass.

Check out this video of Rigo getting ready for his shoot.

Rigo’s nude Latino papi reviews…

I love watching the sexy papis working out before their photo sesisons

“I love when you guys do these videos that show your hot papis working out to get ready. That’s how you know it is going to be a sexy photo session. You can totally tell that not only are his muscles pumped up, but so is that big rock hard cock. You don’t mention whether he is gay, straight or bi. He clearly has no problem showing that hot ass of his so I hope that means that he likes to receive as much as he likes to give.
– David, Tempe AZ



Photography by VeoVerga