Naked Latin Men GUSTAVO

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Age 21 – Height 5′ 9″- 150 lbs. – Mexican

One of our members noticed 21 year old Gustavo working shirtless at a construction site in El Centro, California. He told us he was really turned on by his pecs, strong arms and little patch of hair on his chest. He started talking to him when he was on break outside of a nearby convenience store. Doing construction work has given Gustavo a hot body and our member told him so and jokingly said he should model for us. Gustavo’s answer was, “Do you really think so?” “Yeah. It just depends on your dick I would guess,” Our member replied.

Imagine how surprised he was when Gustavo suggested they should go behind the construction trailer where nobody could see them so he could show him his dick. Once behind the trailer he pulled out his soft dick and said it might take a while but that it would be quicker if someone was there to help him. Our member wasted no time and got down on his knees and started sucking his dick. His second surprise was when Gustavo kept letting him suck his dick and even shot a load down his throat on the spot!



Photography by LBZ1