Naked Latin men with hot everything PRIMO

naked Latin men
Age 19 – Height 5′ 9″ – Weight 155 lbs. – Mexican-American

19 year old Primo is a sexy Mexican-American from Los Angeles. He’s an amateur boxer and has never had sex with a guy before and was surprised when one of our member’s hit on him in the showers at the gym where he works out.

Even though our member didn’t get to taste that dick or fuck that hot ass he did convince him to try out for LatinBoyz.Com Needless to say when we saw that beautiful uncut Mexican cock, tight muscular boxer’s body and virgin ass we couldn’t wait to photograph him for you.

As for whether he will ever have sex with a guy he said ‘never say never’ but didn’t give us any other details about his sex life.



Photography by LBZ1