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Naked Latin Amateur Model PJ

Photo of naked Latin amateur model PJ from LatinBoyz.Com
Age 18 – Height 5′ 10″ – Weight 150 lbs. – Colombian

Our photographer met our newest naked Latin amateur model PJ at the tire shop where he works. He had to buy some new tires and PJ did the work on his car. After he finished the job our photographer gave him a generous tip and suggested they should hang out some time and have a couple beers. PJ was just about to get off work and said he would love to do that and so they left together a few minutes later.

Of course once they got to the house our photographer asked him if he wanted to make some money doing nude modeling. PJ told him he would think about it and get back to him later. A week later he called and said he was willing to do it. During the shoot he was obsessed with the porn videos playing in the background. It turns out that he lives at home with a big family and never has any privacy. As a result he couldn’t take his attention away from the screen and was particularly fascinated by the anal sex. He has never seen someone getting butt fucked before and wants to try it some day.

PJ’s naked Latin amateur model reviews…

“It should be noted that I have a thing for straight guys and so called ‘gay curious’ guys that appear on gay websites. That is a big turn on for me. PJ is the perfect guy for someone like me that loves masculine young guys that like to show off.”
– Gary in Chicago IL
“Before I give my full review I just want to thank the team at LatinBoyz for finding these hot young Latino amateur men every week. Sunday has become my favorite day of the week. PJ has a tight strong body but isn’t overly muscular. His dick is the perfect size and covered with lots of Latino foreskin, which I love.”
– Noel in Phoenix AZ



Photography by VeoVerga