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Naked 19 Year Old Latino with Ripped Abs ZACK

Photo of naked 19 year old Latino Zack
Age 19 – 5′ 9″ – 140 lbs. – Colombian

The naked 19 year old Latino you see in the photos above is Zack. Our photographer met him at a bus stop where he was waiting with his friend (both of whom have ear plugs which you don’t see very often). It was a hot day and his ripped abs and muscular pectoral muscles were enhanced by a light coating of sweat that made them stand out even more. Both he and his friend are very masculine and have tattoos but are friendly. When told they could make money doing nude modeling Zack was excited at the opportunity. However his friend is a little more reluctant and wants to see how it all works out for Zack before doing it himself.

During the actual shoot when asked if he was straight, gay or bisexual he said he didn’t know. A guy had just sucked him off for the first time a few days earlier and he really liked it. He will definitely consider doing it again if anyone tells him that they want to do it!

Reviews for naked 19 rear old Latino Zack…

“Without a doubt Zack has one of the hottest bodies I have ever seen on a 19 year old. His dick his perfect, too. I love bottoming for guys with dicks that slope down like his. And all that foreskin is a big turn on for me.”
– Henry in San Diego, CA
“I am in love with your new model Zack’s body. It’s perfect in every way. It’s a shame he has only been sucked off by one guy. He wasn’t shy about showing his ass and looks like he could take a big dick if he wanted to.”
– Victor in Santa Fe NM



Photography by VeoVerga