VICO… Killer abs and rock hard Mexican twink cock

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Age 18 – Height 5′ 8″ – Weight 130 lbs. – Mexican

18 year old Vico has a rock hard body as a result of doing kick boxing. It was those sexy abs that caught our attention when we met him in Guadalajara leaving the gym. He didn’t even have to think twice about doing the shoot because he got horny working out and was going to jack off anyways.

In addition to his rock hard body not surprisingly he had a rock hard cock, too, and buns of steel. That is one of the hottest asses we’ve seen in a long time. He didn’t tell us much about his private life other than he’s single and wants to keep it that way and that he loves getting his dick sucked and can cum three or four times in one night if the person sucking knows how to do their job!



Photography by LBZ1