Latino Twinks Naked CRUISER

Latino twinks
Age 19 – Height 5′ 6″ – Weight 140 lbs. – Mexican-American

Our newest Latino amateur discovery is 19 year old Cruiser. Our photographer saw him shooting hoops by himself at the park and decided to strike up a conversation. “Aren’t you on LatinBoyz?” He asked. “What’s that?” “An amateur Latino porn site.” “Naw, but I would be down. How do I get into that?” 😉

Less than an hour later he was stripping down and pulled out his veiny uncut cock. He has lots of foreskin, big low hanging balls and a natural thick bush of pubes. We found out his biggest turn on his getting watched while naked so this was definitely meant to be. We were surprised to find out that he has never had his cock sucked and that’s his sexual fantasy.



Photography by LBZ1