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Latino Hardbody Naked with Big Dick INK

Ink shows off his Latino hardbody naked
Age 22 – Height 5′ 10″ – Weight 155 lbs. – Colombian

Thursday, July 14th new video added. This week’s new model is passionate about a lot of things like showing off his Latino hardbody naked. He’s passionate about working out and does it everyday without fail. On top of that he’s passionate about tattoos, hence his nickname Ink. And of course he’s passionate about sex. Ink is a total top although he has an amazing virgin bubble butt. Also, check out his hot workout preview video that shows how he works out everyday to keep his amazing body in shape.

Ink’s Latino hardbody naked reviews…

“I have to confess that I busted my nut before I even finished looking at all of his photos. Your new model Ink has such an amazing body it’s hard to say what I like more. Is it his six pack abs? Could it be that big veiny uncut cock that is swinging between his legs? Or is it that hot ass? I can only hope that he wasn’t telling the truth when he said his ass is virgin. An ass that perfect should definitely be getting fucked!”
– Peter in Palm Springs
“I have an obsession about tattoos. Especially when they are on a masculine straight-looking young Latino man like your new model Ink. His body is absolutely perfect. Every part of his body is perfectly chiseled and you can tell he really is serious about working out. There’s no way someone could have that perfect a body unless he really does workout every day. Then there’s the dick. A perfect eight inch veiny uncut cock with a copious amount of foreskin. I can only imagine how could having sex with him and I can’t lie and say I wouldn’t want to find out for myself some day.
– Reynaldo in Oceanside, CA



Photography by VeoVerga