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Latino Fuck and Run with BENZ and JHONNY

Photo of Benz' and Johnny's Latino fuck and run
Benz wanted a quick Latino fuck and run and Jhonny was happy to oblige

Sometimes a fuck is just a fuck. There’s no romance and cuddling, it’s a hard & sweaty anal attack just for getting off and nothing more. Also known as a Latino fuck and run. So, Benz is watching Jhonny’s hot video from last week and likes how passionate he is with everything he does. In particular he likes how he seems to love obediently servicing big cocks with both his mouth and ass. Benz ends up jacking off to the video a couple times and calls the photographer to tell him he wants his own big dick serviced by Jhonny’s mouth and ass and of course Jhonny is only too happy to oblige!

Photo of Benz and Jhonny after their Latin fuck and run
Benz and Jhonny are covered in cum after their Latin fuck and run

Reviews of Jhonny and Benz’ Latino fuck and run….

This guy really loves having sex.

“Just finished looking at the photos of Jhonny and Benz in their new scene. I have to tell you that Jhonny is very sexy. I wouldn’t call him a slut or anything negative but you can tell this guy really really really loves having sex. And he services Benz’ big cock like a pro both from his mouth and tight ass. He is a natural born porn star!”
– Kevin in Newark NJ

He is a total top, which turns me on because I am a total bottom

“Thanks for bringing Benz back. He is one of my favorite LatinBoyz.Com models. He is a total top, which turns me on because I am a total bottom. Benz has the best features of a straight guy, like natural hair on his chest, ass and pubes. Yet, he clearly loves fucking and getting sucked by guys. I cum every time I watch one of his videos.”



Photography by VeoVerga