LatinBoyz Model JADED

Age 19 - Height 5' 10" - Weight 160 lbs. - Mexican
Age 19 – Height 5′ 10″ – Weight 160 lbs. – Mexican

Our newest model was always getting his heart broken as a teenager so his friends said he was jaded and somehow it stuck. Now he’s the one breaking hearts.

Jaded is 19 and from the Long Beach area. He was discovered at a laundromat of all places when he literally got undressed so he could wash the clothes he was wearing and put on the clothes he had just finished washing. We knew someone that uninhibited would be a natural for nude modeling.

He’s 100% Mexican and his family is from Guadalajara. He has the sexiest green eyes we’ve seen and a nice thick eight inch dick. He’s never been with a guy before but said he will think about doing it on video if the price is right.



Photography by LBZ1