LatinBoyz Model ETHAN

Age 23 - Height 5' 10" - Weight 180 lbs. - Hispanic
Age 23 – Height 5′ 10″ – Weight 180 lbs. – Brazilian

Our photographer first noticed Ethan at the apartment building next store. He was working for the painting company that was painting the building. He also knew right away he wanted to see this hot papi naked someday.

It took a couple of days before he could catch Ethan not surrounded by his co-workers and get the chance to talk to him. He invited him over for a beer after work. After they had drank a couple of beers our photographer worked up the nerve to ask him if he was interested in doing nude modeling. At first he said no because he was ‘straight’ but came back over a couple days later and said he changed his mind.

We also found out that he’s really ‘bi’ (and a top if you’re interested) and messed around with a couple guys but nothing too serious, so far.



Photography by Oliver