LatinBoyz Model DEREK

Age 22 - Height 5' 11" - Weight 160 lbs. - Mexican-American
Age 22 – Height 5′ 11″ – Weight 160 lbs. – Mexican-American

Derek is a sexy 22 year old Latino that just got out of the Navy a couple of months ago. He confessed to us that he got involved in a couple three-ways and small orgies when he was in the military and also had his first experiences having sex with guys then.

He now considers himself bisexual and has tried topping and bottoming and admits he’s gotten off both ways. He likes being natural including going to the nude beach in San Diego as often as he can. Natural also means he has natural thick pubes & body hair. He is going to go to college next fall but just wants to party and have a good time between now and then.



Photography by LBZ1