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Young Gay Latin Boy Kike

Friday 11/04/2022 Video added. Kike has been waiting to turn 18 to apply to be a model for Latinboyz for over a year since he said his friend modeled for us! He just turned 18 and applied a couple weeks later. This cute innocent baby face is 5′ 7″ and has a nice uncut cock with a smooth bubble butt he loves to get fucked! His fantasy is to be in an orgy with a… Click here for more

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Gay Latin Porn Three Way TICO ANGEL and RAMONCITO

New model Angel told us during his solo video that he had sex with a guy once but was too drunk to remember, so he said he wanted to watch us film an Amateur Action gay Latin porn scene. Turns out we already had a scene with Tico and Ramoncito scheduled and they were both O.K. about having Angel watch them. It didn’t take long before both Tico and Ramoncito were sucking Angel’s thick uncut… Click here for more

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Naked Latin Men ANGEL

Our photographer went back to the same park where he met Demon a couple weeks ago in hopes of running into him again. Unfortunately he didn’t see Demon there but he did catch a glimpse of Angel doing push ups with no shirt on. As you can see working out at the park has worked out really well for him. He has a perfect cut up body and a cute face. Just the way we… Click here for more

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Big Uncut Mexican Cock DEMON

We met this week’s new model at a local park where he was kicking back and enjoying a beer after playing basketball with his homies. After talking with him for a while we found out a lot about him and sex. He bragged that he likes to fuck long and hard and still keeps fucking after he cums because a lot of times he can make himself cum again. Although most of his experience has… Click here for more

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Gay Latin Porn TICO and JAIRO

We had a little surprise for Tico the other day. We planted a mysterious box in the room where we was waiting for broke straight LatinBoyz model Jairo to come and fuck him. Sure enough curiosity got the best of him and he had to check out what was inside the box. It turned out to be a mechanical fucking machine and it didn’t take long for him to figure out how to use it.… Click here for more

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Latin Twinks Fucking CLOUD and DIEZ

Last week our new model Cloud promised he would put is big Salvadorian cock to work in an Amateur Action scene. Diez is the lucky recipient of that big dick and big load, too. These cute Latin twinks really know how to fuck! MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by LBZ1 Click here for more

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Thick Latin Cock CLOUD

The hot guy with the cute smile, curly hair, thick Latino cock and amazing body is 18 year old Cloud. He’s a track and field athlete at his college in Texas. His number one hobby is fucking. He’s a 100% top that has never bottomed before but doesn’t rule it out for the future. He’s wanted to do porn for as long as he can remember and we’re hoping to hook him up with another… Click here for more

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Hot Gay Latino Porn CHICO VALLE and DIEZ

What happens when you take a huge Latin monster cock and match it up with an amazing smooth hairless twink butthole? Hot gay Latino porn! We could write a long description but it’s best just to let the photos do the talking. Check out this hot photo and video session. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by LBZ1 Click here for more

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Naked Latin Men DANTE

When our photographer first spotted Dante walking along the beach he couldn’t take his eyes off his sexy six pack abs… Or his cute face… Or his firm round ass… or the bulge in shorts. He must have been too obvious because Dante blurted out, “Are you going to just stare at me? Might as well take a picture.” Of course that’s exactly what he had in mind. We found out that Dante was a… Click here for more

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Gay Latin Porn DEEZIE and GBOY

When he did his solo photo shoot last month we asked Deezie if he was straight, bi or gay and he didn’t answer. He just told us “I guess the only way to find out is to get with me.” Later we found out he has never been with a guy at all but was willing to try it if the price was right. That intrigued us so we made an offer. He was broke… Click here for more

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Showing off that Latin Cock DEEZIE

Our new model this week is a cute 21 year old from Arizona that really loves getting his dick sucked and likes to fuck doggy style. He didn’t tell us whether he was straight, gay or bi and said, “I guess the only way to find out is to get with me.” I’m sure there are lots of guys (and girls) out there that would love to do that! MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE… Click here for more

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Latino Twink Hot Sex CRISTIAN and GBOY

Sometimes our models make our work so much easier. A couple weeks ago we got a phone call from Cristian saying he was horny and wanted to fuck. Later the same day we got a call from GBoy saying he was horny and wanted to get fucked. The result is this hot new Amateur Action set featuring two very horny Latino twinks. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE… Click here for more

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Gay Latin Porn HOT THREE WAY

We’ve wanted to see LatinBoyz model Chico Valle put his big fat Latino cock to work in a porn scene for a long time. He told us he really wanted to do a scene with Menace but that was a problem because they’re both tops. So we suggested a three way with new model Feliz. The result is this hot new Amateur Action scene. Feliz got what he wanted for his scene which is two… Click here for more

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Cute Latin Twink G BOY

This week’s new model is 18 year old GBoy from Galveston. He’s bi and only recently started fooling around with guys and has done mostly oral. He loves getting his dick sucked most of all and can cum multiple times as long as you give him ten to fifteen minutes between loads. A couple months ago he got that cute little ass of his rimmed for the first time and he really liked that and… Click here for more

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More Than Just a Big Latino Cock PYTHON

Our newest model is a 20 year old kick boxer that told us he wants to be known for more than just having a big Latino cock. But, we told him when you go around calling yourself Python you’re going to get type cast. He stays in shape by training and doing some push ups everyday and fucking every chance he gets. And evidently he gets a lot of chances. Everything about him his perfect… Click here for more

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Big Latin Dick on TOPAZ

We got a call from last week’s model Phenix a couple days after doing his shoot. He told us that the drummer in his band wanted to model for us, too. He had been told he had a big Latin dick but hadn’t seen it in person and didn’t know if it was true or not. As you can see from the photo above it’s True! Topaz is his name and this shaggy-haired Latino with… Click here for more

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Gay Latino Porn LUCAS and NICKY

When Lucas did his solo shoot a couple months ago he impressed us with a HUGE cum shot and we really wanted to get him back and see what he could do in an Amateur Action scene. We finally got him back last week and he didn’t disappoint. Not only does he know how to fuck really good but he shot an even bigger load this time that not only shot all over Nicky’s sexy… Click here for more

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Hot Puerto Rican Cock & Ass JAE G.

  If you love big Puerto Rican cocks and hot asses on Latino twinks you will love our newest model Jae G. We found him on social media where he had already posted a lot of hot photos and videos he made of himself so we asked him to show his stuff and make some $$$ here on LatinBoyz. He’s from Brooklyn and loves sex and is 100% versatile. We’re trying to convince him to… Click here for more

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Gay Latin Porn JAE G and KATRACHO

When new LatinBoyz star Jae G. told us he wanted to get fucked we told him we would love to watch and asked him who the luckly guys would be. Without thinking he said he really wanted to get pounded by that cute bisexual papi Katracho. Katracho never turns down the chance to fuck a Latin twink hot ass and the result was this hot session. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT… Click here for more

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Latin Men Fucking ARON and ADRIEN

Cute Latino twink Aron contacted us recently letting us know about a guy he met in Texas that loves to fuck twinks and always shoots a big load. His friend’s name is Adrien and this light skin papi from Florida has a very thick cock and as you can he really does shoot a big load! MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by LBZ1 Click here for more

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Naked Latino Men with Uncut Cock: BENT

This hot looking guy in the basketball shorts with all the yummy foreskin is our newest model Bent. He’s a 21 one year old Puerto Rican who was born and raised in Texas. He said he’s straight but also told us he has messed around with guys and has been a top and done oral. We’re sure that big curved cock of his has given lots of pleasure to both sexes! MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO… Click here for more

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Latino Cock Action MENACE and NICKY

Menace told us he didn’t know if he wanted to do any more porn scenes. But then Katracho told him about how tight Nicky’s ass was and Menace knew he had to get some of that. And as you can tell from these hot photos he knew just what to do with it. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by LBZ1 Click here for more

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Latin Twinks with Big Cock TAVO

This week’s new model is a shy, innocent-looking guy named Tavo. He’s almost as innocent as he looks and has only had sex with one person and that was over a year ago. He told us he just doesn’t have any game and isn’t good at hitting on people. Well, when you’re as cute as him you don’t need to have any game. Especially when you have a cute toned body, nice butt and a… Click here for more

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Big Mexican Cock on LOW KEY

This week’s model is a 22 year old top from Northern California that has a nice big eight inch Mexican cock. Like his name suggests he likes to be low key and masculine and likes guys that act the same way. He told us his favorite position is when the guy is bent down in front of him because he gets really turned on by watching that big Latino cock slide in and out of… Click here for more

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Latino Sex Threesome MAXIMO RASCAL and MEMO

This turned out to be a good day for Memo. Originally he was set to get fucked by Maximo’s big uncut Puerto Rican cock but just as we started shooting the scene Rascal showed up unannounced. Memo has already been fucked by Rascal once before and wanted it again so he convinced them to join in a three way, taking turns fucking his smooth tight ass. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT… Click here for more

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Nude Latino Men KATRACHO

The guy in the photos with the sexy abs (and everything else for that matter) is our newest model Katracho. He’s 20 and was born in Honduras but raised in Southern California. He’s never fucked around with a guy before but says he’s ‘curious’ and has been hit up at the gym a couple times by guys but hasn’t gone all they way, yet. During the shoot he got so excited that he accidentally shot… Click here for more

Puerto Rican cock

Big Puerto Rican Cock MAXIMO

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record but now we’re convinced that most cute skinny Latinos have HUGE uncut cocks. Our latest evidence: This week’s model Maximo! In the fine tradition of cute thin LatinBoyz with huge cocks like Myke, Chico Valle, Andres, DBoi, Legend, Taz, and Raptor just to name some recent examples along comes this sexy Puerto Rican papi. He was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has lived in… Click here for more

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Big Latino Cocks MYKE

When we first photographed Myke last year we had to rush and didn’t get the full range of shots we normally like to get. The response to that shoot was overwhelming, however, and we received more requests to have him back than any other model. That gave us an excellent excuse to get him back! This time there was no rush and we got to see everything we wanted. He’s a year older and looking… Click here for more

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Mexican cock and hot ass CHILL

The hot papi you see here with the thick uncut Mexican cock and hot body & ass is 19 year old Chill. He’s very sexy and laid back. So laid back that he flaked on us twice before finally coming in for his shoot. We’re sure you agree he was worth the wait. He didn’t go into much detail about his private life but came in with a big hickie on his neck so we… Click here for more

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ANDRES… Cute young Latin twink with big cock

Our photographer went to Medellin, Colombia, recently and when he looked outside the window of his hotel room he noticed a cute young Latino guy with a hot body doing sit ups wearing nothing but a pair of white basketball shorts. Of course he had to have a closer look! The cute young Latino turned out to be 20 year old Andres. His abs were even more impressive up close. Our photographer was a little… Click here for more

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DBOI… Cute Latin twink with a huge dick

This week’s new LatinBoyz discovery is a sexy 19 year old from Denver named D-Boi. He’s a versatile top that told us his hottest sexual experience was during a three way. He was fucking one of the guys when the other started fucking him at the same time. Who else wants a D-Boi sandwich? As you can see he has a cute face and toned body. It doesn’t hurt that he also has a huge… Click here for more

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LEGEND… Just for you guys that love hung Latino twinks

When we first met Legend we thought his nickname was a little pretentious but then he pulled out that huge uncut Colombian cock. Now that’s a legendary cock for sure! He’s a versatile top (which is good because he has a cute butt, too) and was born in Colombia and raised in Florida. Sexually he loves fucking and sometimes getting fucked but says he can rarely find anyone that can swallow that huge dick so… Click here for more

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CHECO & TELI… Hot gay latin bareback porn

  Checo phoned us with some interesting information the other day. He told us that he hooked up with Mig’s big brother recently (Checo made his LatinBoyz porn debut with Mig a couple of months ago). He told us the brother is one year older and even bigger then Mig where it counts the most. This we had to see! As soon as they showed up we knew we had a winner. He pulled out… Click here for more