LIL RAZ… We knew gay cholos would have big cocks like this!

gay cholos
Age 18 – Height 5 ‘ 5″ – Weight 130 lbs. – Mexican-American

Over the years we’ve been lucky to meet some of our models on the Los Angeles Metro just like this week’s model 18 year old Lil Raz. As you can see he’s not ‘Lil’ where it counts. This bisexual homie is from East L.A. where he was born and raised.

He told us he’s been with about 10 guys and 10 girls and doesn’t think he will ever be just straight or gay because he likes each sex for a different reason: He loves to fucky pussy and get fucked by cock. Makes sense to us but we’re sure there are a lot of guys that want to show him how hot the right ass can be with his huge cock.



Photography by LBZ1