SCRAPPY… If you’re into tatts and big Latino dicks

big latino dicks
Age 23 – Height 5′ 10″ – Weight 165 lbs. – Hispanic

23 year old Scrappy was curious about nude modeling ever since he found out his homeboy Chente modeled for us a year ago but had a girlfriend at the time. He’s single now and decided it was time to make some money and show off that big Mexican cock of his.

Sexually he said he was straight “BUT” would be willing to be gay for pay. When we asked if he did anything with a guy before he told us he has fucked a couple guys and even bottomed once. He didn’t like bottoming because his ass hurt for days even though the guy had a small dick. When asked what the guys and girls say they like most about it he said it’s a toss up between his big dick and those sexy green eyes.



Photography by LBZ1