CHECHE… Cubans and their big latino dicks :)

big latino dicks
Age 20 – Height 5′ 9″ – Weight 145 lbs. – Cuban

This is our newest model Cheche. He’s a bisexual 20 year old Cuban from Miami. Like all of our LatinBoyz models he loves to fuck and is versatile. He told us he tops about 80% of the time and bottoms about 20% of the time.

When talking about sex he told us his biggest turn on is trying to seduce straight guys. The kinkiest thing he has done is fuck a girl behind a church when he was younger. His first time with a guy was at a mall when he noticed a guy in the bathroom taking a piss next to him was getting hard while checking him out. He got excited, too, and ended up taking the guy to the stall and face fucking him, then shooting his load down the guy’s throat (who evidently liked that Cuban leche because he swallowed it all).



Photography by LBZ1