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Big Latin Dicks NOEL

Noel is one of our models with big Latin dicks and is showing it off here
Age 21 – Height 5′ 6″ – Weight 130 lbs. – Salvadorian

This week’s new model Noel is full of surprises. For instance, he is on the DL and likes to dress and act straight. However, in private he readily admits that he likes dick and ass and isn’t really into pussy. As a result he hooks up a lot with other DL guys in his neighborhood that love fucking his smooth hairless ass. Contrary to what people might think, a lot of those DL straight guys like to get fucked themselves sometimes after drinking a couple beers and smoking a fatty and he has one of them big Latin dicks for those occasions.

Noel has lots of foresking surrounding his big Latin dicks
Noel loves showing off his uncut Latino cock



Noel’s big Latin dicks reviews…

I love big Latin dicks

“Before I get started it should be noted that I love big Latin dicks. Even more so if they uncut with lots of foreskin to play with. Whereas all of your models are cute I really like Noel because he has the perfect uncut Latin dick. Finally, I really hope you can get him to do a scene with one of the other guys if he decides not to be on the DL anymore.”
– Zack Houston

“You guys seem to find the best Latino amateur models every week and this is clearly the case with your new model Noel. Along with that big uncut monster cock of his he also has a beautiful hairless ass. How I would love to fuck that. Finally, I just have to ask. Can you give me his phone number? Of course I know you can’t but one can always dream, right?”
-Marcos Miami

Photography by LBZ1