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Photo of Anonimo getting naked
Age 21 – Height 5’8″ – Weight 149 lbs. – Venezuelan

Tuesday April 19th, 2022 new photos added. Our new model has always considered himself straight but lately has been getting off by being serviced by strangers in the restroom at his college. There’s always horny guys in there wanting to suck the cum out of his long hard Latino dick and he takes advantage of that situation almost every time he goes in there at least once a day. He likes to stand at the glory hole and look down at the other guy get excited in anticipation of eating his warm cum. He doesn’t have a lot of time for dating or hook-ups but when he does he likes to fuck doggy style and loves the sound of his body slapping against someone else’s ass. Anonimo also loves the feeling of shooting a load inside a tight ass.

Photo of Anonimo's rock hard Latino cock
Anonimo loves to stand in this position when getting sucked off.