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Photo of young raw fuckers Travi and Dimitrios
Both Travi and Dimitrios are as horny as hell in this new raw action video.

Here’s how this scene of young raw fuckers went down. Both models wake up horny as hell because it has been over a week since either busts a nut. Whereas Travi wakes up wanting to fuck a bitch which is the opposite of what Dimitrios wants. He wakes up wanting to get fucked like a bitch. As you can guess it’s not long before both call our photographer to set something up. The hot XXX photo/video shoot takes place that afternoon. They were both so hot that it only took a little less than two hours to film this hot Amateur Action scene and the both shoot big loads.

Photo of Latino raw fuckers Travi and Dimitrios
Travi said his dick felt so good in Dimitrios’ warm tight ass.