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blatino cock
Age 21 – Height 5′ 9″ – Weight 140 lbs. – Puerto Rican

Sunday, September 25th 2016 – This Sunday Hot New Latino Amateur

We actually met Chacho, who is also know as Aaron, a couple years ago in Puerto Rico but were unable to do his shoot then because of a technical problem with our camera. So imagine how surprised we were last month when he contacted us and told us he had moved to the U.S. and wanted to know if we were still interested in photographing him. We still remembered that big boomerang-shaped Puerto Rican cock of his and set it up as soon as possible.

We never got to see his ass while in Puerto Rico. It turns out he has a hot ass and loves showing it off. He also loves getting fucked and fucking, too. We are trying to find out which one of our models can handle that big curved cock of his and hope to have him in an Amateur Action video soon.