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guatemalan cock
Age 19 – Height 5′ 8″ – Weight 150 lbs. – Guatemalan

Sunday, March 27th, 2016 – Every Sunday New Latino Amateur Model

Sike is a 19 year old aspiring Reggaeton artist from Guatemala that contacted us because he wanted to make some extra money doing nude modeling. We met up with him and was impressed by his hot body and masculine look but wasn’t feeling his hair style. We asked him if he would consider a shorter hair style and he flat out said ‘no’ because he likes it the way it is. He then proceeded to pull out his big monster cock.

Needless to say we said OK and decided to let you guys be the judge. One thing we’re sure everyone will agree on he has a beautiful big uncut cock and hot body. Sexually he had his first encounter with a guy a couple of months ago. He was actually doing a three way with a guy and a girl and the guy started eating his ass out while he was fucking her. It must have felt pretty good because he started cumming while the guy was still eating him out.