MAGNUM…One of our nude Mexican men with a fat cock

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Age 21 – Height 5′ 9″ – Weight 160 lbs. – Mexican-American

We met Magnum last summer when he was standing outside of a convenience store with no shirt on and he asked us to buy him some beer. He was 20 years old at the time so we said no but told him how he could make some money. At first we thought he wanted to kick our ass but then he said he would think about it and took our business card. A couple weeks ago he finally called wanting to make some quick cash.

He’s now 21 and still has the hot body we first noticed last summer. We were surprised to find out he had a beer can thick cock. He like to use it to fuck from behind. He didn’t tell us whether that’s in an ass or pussy but promised to give us more details when he comes back to shoot his jack off video next week.



Photography by LBZ1