Nude Latino men with six pack abs MARCELO

nude latino men
Age 21 – Height 5′ 10″ – Weight 180 lbs. – Hispanic-Mixed

Luckily we have people working with us that aren’t afraid to walk up to hot Latinos on the street and ask them if they want to take their clothes off for money. We saw Marcelo at a construction site doing some painting with no shirt on. When we asked if he wanted to model he said “No way!” but took our business card anyways.

Later that afternoon he called us after having a couple beers with his buddies and said he wanted to do it now… but only if we did it right then before he changed his mind. He must have been real horny that day because his cum shot was big and shot straight up a couple feet. He’s mixed Hispanic & Native American and from Central California.



Photography by LBZ1