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Photo of Jacob and Coche fucking bareback

Latino Bareback Fucking JACOB and COCHE

May 28, 2019

Coche has literally been begging our photographer to set something up with Jacob, either off-camera or on-camera because he wanted to get fucked by this tatted papi’s big uncut cock. He got more than he bargained for. This ended up being a hot Latino bareback fucking session culminating in a tasy cum facial for Coche at the end. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography… Click here for more

Photo of Austin and Stiven fucking bareback

AUSTIN’S First Bareback Fuck with STIVEN

May 7, 2019

Since first publishing his solo video and photos a couple months ago we have had a tremendous number of requests to see Austin in action. Our photographer had asked him at least twenty times, but Stiven only had to ask him one time and agreed to do it because a couple of the other guys from the gym had told him how good of a bottom he is. Austin enjoyed it so much he wants… Click here for more

Phot of hot Latino guys fucking

Hot Latino Guys Fucking DANTE and HECTOR

April 25, 2019

Since breaking up with his girlfriend a couple months ago Dante has been really horny and fucking around with guys more often. He likes fucking Hector so much that he brought him in for this hot session. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by VeoVerga Click here for more

Photo of Ronnie and his uncut Latino cock

Perfect Uncut Latino Cock RONNIE

April 2, 2019

Our new model Ronnie doesn’t like being stereotyped. He has his own casual style and loves kicking back with other skaters from the neighborhood. He is gay and a strict top and doesn’t care if others like it or not. One stereotype he doesn’t mind is when someone tells him he has the prefect uncut Latino cock. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by… Click here for more

Photo of Dante and Coche fucking raw

Latino Raw Fucking DANTE and COCHE

March 27, 2019

Coche has been wanting to get fucked raw in a gay Latino porn video for a long time. It has been a fantasy of his for as long as he can remember. He insisted that his partner should have a big dick and know how to use it. Anyone that has seen Dante in action before knows he fits the description, which you can verify in these hot photos and video. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO… Click here for more

Photo fo Gio and Norte fucking bareback

Latin Bareback Fucking NORTE and GIO

February 19, 2019

When Gio did his solo shoot a couple weeks ago he mentioned that he might want to try bottoming in his next scene. He has a really nice ass and we have been wanting to see it in action. He specifically requested to work with Norte because he loves the shape of his fact uncut cock and they ended up really liking each other and having a good fuck. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE… Click here for more

naked Latin men photo Austin

Naked Latin Men AUSTIN

February 13, 2019

Our newest model Austin is the very definition of a sexy naked Latin man. Our photographer has known him for a while because he has been helping him paint his house. He showed up recently on a day when there was nothing that needed painting asking if there was some other way he could make some money. He has a smooth cut up body, huge uncut Latino cock and a really cute smile. MEMBERS CLICK… Click here for more

Photo od Dante fucking daniel barebaclk

DANTE Fucks DANIEL Bareback in His First Porn

December 29, 2018

We’ve been wanting to see Dante’s big uncut Latino cock in action for a long time. And evidently so did Daniel, because he practically ripped Dante’s clothes off trying to get to it. The result was a nice long raw fuck session. Enjoy their hot photos today. The video is coming soon. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by VeoVerga Click here for more

photo of naked Latin men Santiago

LatinBoyz Model Santiago

December 12, 2018

Our new model is a cute 18 year old spotted by our photographer working out at a gym. He had just joined the gym but as you can tell he already has a nice body that he gets from playing soccer. He’s bi and a top. Hopefully he will experiment with bottoming in the future because he has an amazing ass in addition to his thick uncut Latino cock. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE… Click here for more

Grueso shows off his thick uncut Latin cock

LatinBoyz Model Grueso

December 6, 2018

Grueso means thick in Spanish and by looking at his fat uncut Latin cock you can understand why he got that nickname. He’s bisexual and strictly a top when fucking guys. He also shoots a huge load. Actually, two loads in this case. Because of a technical glitch during his first shoot he had to come back and do it again the next morning and shot an even bigger load. Enjoy his photos today. His… Click here for more

uncut Latin dick

Cute Guy with Uncut Latin Dick JEZZE

September 27, 2018

This cute new model with the curly hair, sexy lips and fat uncut Latin dick is Jezze. He’s a 19 year old from California that ranks his favorite sexual activities in order 1) getting that fat Latino dick sucked, 2) fucking a nice tight ass, 3) sucking dick and for special occasions 4) getting fucked. He has the perfect equipment for all four! MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK… Click here for more

Latinos fucking raw

Cute Latinos Fucking raw JAKO and STIVEN

September 11, 2018

After seeing that his gym buddy Rony got to tap Stiven’s tight ass in our last Amateur Action scene, Jako insisted that it be his turn next. And he knew just what to do with it, fucking him long and hard in these hot photos and video. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by VeoVerga Click here for more

thick Latin cock

Thick Latin Cock and Hot Body CRANK

September 5, 2018

Our new model Crank is a Socal native with an amazing body. He gets those sexy abs from doing a lot of cardio in addition to lifting weights. We asked him if fucking counts as cardio anD he said “Of course!” He loves fucking a thick ass and doesn’t mind getting his dick sucked, either. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW Photography by LBZ1 Click here for more

latino cock uncut

Uncut Latino Cock That Loves Being Sucked JAKO

August 29, 2018

Jako is a 20 year old boxer that works out everyday so he can stay in shape for his next fight. His workouts make him very horny and he loves getting his dick sucked. So much so that he can cum two or three times a day (and only needs about twenty minutes to rest in between). Of course he loves to fuck, too. He has an amazing ass but has never bottomed. MEMBERS CLICK… Click here for more

Photo of naked Latin men fucking bareback

Naked latino Men Fucking Bareback DANTE and INOCENCIO

September 10, 2019

Inocencio invited Dante over for a couple beers and then suggested they compare each other’s dick size. The guy with the smaller dick would have to service the other guy. With his big Latino monster cock Dante already knew how this was going to turn out but decided to play the game any ways. After getting his big dick sucked for a while he rimmed Incocencio’s ass good and then fucked him long and hard… Click here for more

latino bareback

Latino Bareback Action RONY and STIVEN

August 28, 2018

We’ve had five new models from Colombia recently that all go the same gym, and we’ve had lots of requests from our members to see them in action. Our photographer that also goes to that gym was finally able to convince two of them to fuck on camera. It all started when Stiven told him that he thought Rony was hot and he wanted to fool around with him. The result is this hot bareback… Click here for more

uncut Latino cock

Sexy Colombian with Uncut Latino Cock RONY

July 25, 2018

Some of our models like to brag that they’re ballers, but in the case of our newest model Rony it’s 100% true. He loves playing with his soccer ball. That’s how our photographer met him at a park. He made a little video of him on his cell phone and showed it to Rony. Like all good LBZ models he loved the attention and within twenty minutes they were on the way to the photographer’s… Click here for more

Latin twinks

Smooth Latin Twinks ROJO

July 12, 2018

It’s a new month and what better way to start it off than with a smooth sexy LBZ twink? His name is Rojo and he’s from LA. He loves taking nude photos of himself and decided he might as well get paid for them. Sexually he’s verse and literally likes doing everything. Besides taking nudes of himself his other hobby is watching creampie porn. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER?… Click here for more

naked Latino men

Hot Tatted Naked Latino Men JACOB

July 3, 2018

This hot Latino man with all the tattoos is a sexy Colombian that goes to the same gym our model Dante from a couple weeks ago. Like Dante, he has a huge uncut Latin cock. If all the guys at that gym are like them we want to know where to sign up. There is nothing subtle about Jacob. When he likes something it becomes an obsession. For instance, he only started getting tattoos a… Click here for more

smooth Latino twink

JOEL Smooth Latino Twink with Big Balls and Uncut Cock

June 13, 2018

When Joel sent us an EMail saying he wanted to model for LBZ we asked him what is qualifications were. His answer was “I have a smooth tight body, a big curved uncut dick with lots of foreskin, I’ve been told I have a nice ass and I shoot a big load.” Sounds good to us! This cute versatile Latino twink came exactly as advertised and has a cute face, too. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO… Click here for more

uncut Latin cock

Uncut Latin Monster Cock ROCKY

June 6, 2018

While talking with our newest model Rocky he mentioned that he loves giving cum facials while getting his dick sucked and has been told that his cum tastes good, which was ironic because during his jack off video he shot a huge load that just happened to land on his mouth and face. He did confirm with us that his cum was sweet tasting! This sexy 19 year old with that huge uncut Latino monster… Click here for more

Uncut Mexican Cock Twink

Cute Twink with Uncut Mexican Cock RAMIRO

May 31, 2018

This week’s new model describes himself as being the typical California guy that loves hanging out at his local skatepark and longboarding at the beach. As you can see that keeps his body in really good shape. He’s mostly a top but will bottom for the right thick uncut cock. His favorite way to get off his watching two other guys fuck, basically watching live porn. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT… Click here for more

Latino twinks bareback

Latino Twinks Bareback AGOSTO and LUIS

May 1, 2018

Our photographer in Brazil is lucky because a lot of the raw tops he meets have their own boy bitches to bring with them to their photo shoots. Such is the case with 21 year old Agosto who brought a friend from work that he fucks on the side a couple times a week (They work at a restaurant and often fuck in the bathroom after their shift before going home). 20 year old Luis… Click here for more

gay Latino porn

Gay Latino Porn LOW KEY and JESS

February 27, 2018

Low Key was working out his abs when Jess interrupted him because he wanted to workout right away before going to work. Low Key told him “No problem, but every favor comes with a price.” After getting a little head he decided he wanted to fuck Jess’ tight little ass, too, and both got more workout than they anticipated. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW… Click here for more

uncut Latino cock

Big Curved Uncut Latino Cock NANDO

January 30, 2018

Nando grew up in a small town in the Northwest and didn’t have a chance to fool around with any guys until last year when he turned 18 and moved to Texas. He was used to fucking pussy but always attracted to guys, too, so transitioning to ass was an easy move. He swore he would never bottom until someone rimmed his ass one day and then fucked right after. He still prefers to top… Click here for more

mexican twink

Sexy Mexican Twink TKO

December 27, 2017

The guy you see here with the sexy six pack abs is an 18 year old kick boxer named TKO. He can be serious and knows how to fight but he knows how to have fun and has a really cute smile in addition to all is other great features. Although he has never fucked a guy before, he told us he loves to fuck ass so never say never. He’s also a multiple cummer… Click here for more

Cute Naked Latin Twink JESS

December 20, 2017

We first saw Jess the way you see him in these photos, with no shirt on and wearing basketball shorts, while walking down the street on a hot winter day (Decembers in LA are like that lol). His tight toned body was really sexy but we liked his curly hair and cute face, too. We won’t bother you with the details but obviously he likes to show off and he also turned out to dave… Click here for more

bi Latino twink

Bi Latino Twink BRAX

November 1, 2017

Brax is a cute & thin 20 year bisexual guy that told us he really likes being naked and his favorite places to hang out are nude beaches & places like that. Sexually he really likes getting serviced, especially oral and can cum multiple times with the right mouth. His sexual fantasy is to have sex on a beach. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE MEMBERS ZONE NOT A MEMBER? CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW… Click here for more

gay Latin porn

Gay Latin Porn LOW KEY and TICO

October 17, 2017

We haven’t seen Low Key for over a year. When we ran into him a couple of weeks ago he was looking better than ever so we knew we had to put that big Latin dick of his back to work again in a new gay porn. Tico had heard he was a good fuck and was so excited about bottoming for him he didn’t even notice his socks didn’t match. MEMBERS CLICK HERE TO… Click here for more

gay Latino porn

Gay Latino Porn CHICO VALLE and TICO

August 19, 2017

When two models tell us separately that they really want to work together we know it will be a hot LatinBoyz.Com Amateur Action scene. Once we got them together we didn’t give them any direction and just told them to do what ever they want. After sucking each other’s dicks for a while Chico Valle knew what he wanted and started fucking Tico’s tight ass. Both model’s are known for their huge cum shots and… Click here for more

Latino cock

Big Latino Cock RUTHLESS

July 26, 2017

We recently ran into LBZ model Ruthless at a shopping mall and he looked even cuter than last year when we first met him. We got to talking and he told us that after doing his last shoot he got hit on a lot more and was getting sucked off almost every day for a while. But now things have dried up a little on that front so he wanted to do another shoot. His… Click here for more