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Everytime I check out I always think to myself there is no way they will be able to top last weeks hot model but of course I am always wrong! And I have to say Bravo is such a hot sexy Latino with a cute face I just love his innocent smile he is my total type which of course is a young Latino guys with a slim smooth body with a big uncut Latino cock. His foreskin pics were really hot especially the one he is pulling on his skin damn I just want to pull that with my teeth get him all hard so I can suck his Latin cum out of his big cock. Hey one question though will Bravo be willing to star in a gay porn for Latinboyz and will he bottom for a hot guy with a big thick cock? Let's just hope he does because I would love watching that video for sure. I think Blaze of Santiago would be hot to watch fuck Bravo is his hot latin ass now that would be really hot and I would pay extra for that.
Robert - Van Nuys CA

Is it possible to meet any of your models lol. Seriously if I were able to choose one I definitely choose Bravo I just love young Latino guys with his looks, Slender, smooth, big dick with a lot of foreskin and of course that butt! Let me tell you about his butt, I would just start off by licking his culo deep with my tongue getting it so wet and having Bravo beg for me to keep going then when its nice and wet and relaxed I would shove my big uncut Latino cock deep inside his hole in one thurst fucking his hot ass until I shoot my leche deep up in that hole. I loved his foreskin pics also never can get enough of foreskin. And if your reading this Bravo I would treat you so good let you live with me and never have to worry about anything I would buy you everything you wanted!! That includes any car you wanted thats as long as you be my little latin twink bottom and let me fuck you every night.
Daddy Dick - Seattle WA

Just got done looking at all them foreskin pics of Bravo's thick Latin uncut Latino cock and wanted to be one of the first to comment that I loved them. I always wondered how much you guys pay for your models must be a lot to get all these cute young Latino guys to model and you seem to never miss a beat. If I may can I leave one suggestion for you guys and thats to make another Latinboyz 3 way and have Bravo be both top and bottom letting him get fuck at the same time fucking another latin twink with a hot ass. And for sure use a big buffed out papi to be the top fucking Bravo's hotlass doggy style for at least an hour.You could always end it maybe two of the models topping one and both cum at the same time. Well just wanted to suggest it lol.
Victor - Atlanta GA

Why are there so many other so called Latin gay websites you go check out and you see a some with just one type of Latino or some of the website have much more than just Latino models they mix in white guys and black guys but still want to say they are a Latino website? That's why I like you guys that you only have Latino models and all of your models are always smoking hot just like Bravo. Now thats my type of model young Latino guys with alot of foreskin pics and hot round butts. I just loved his innocent cute face and his tight swimmers body. He is so sexy I wish I could meet him and let him know myself so i sure hope he is reading this and that if he wanted to date a nice rich man and re locate to New York I would more than be willing to let him move in. I would love to massage you slender smooth body and lick every inch of your butt crack and rim your tight Latino booty hole.
Dave - Long Island NY

Oh fuck yeah I just nutted in my shorts checking out Bravo and his foreskin pics! This hot sexy Latino has to probably have a few daddys after him lol. I love young Latino guys with skinny bodies completely hairless including their private parts it just makes it better to lick. I would also love to suck his uncut Latino cock or let him fuck me with it. I bet the photographer gets a lot of hot action with all your horny Latin models. I mean come on they are naked and horny with hard dicks and I'm sure some need help getting hard. I could just imagine the photogrpher keeping his job well into his 80's haha. Hey if you guys every needed another photographer to help out I could always lend out my expertise maybe even for free! Anyways thanks guys for doing a great job with Bravo love his look can't wait to see his jack off video.
Daniel - Las Vegas NV








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