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Original Videos in Multiple Formats...

Most of our sexy Latino amateurs get so horny during their photo shoots that they just have to bust a nut! Luckily, our video cameras are there to capture it all.

Our newest videos are offered in DVD quality Hi-Definition format (For both Windows Media Player and Quicktime). Not only that but they can be downloaded to your computer and viewed anytime. No DRM or other tricks. How many other sites give you new fully downloadable HD videos every week for less than $20 a month? Plus new members have access to our past archives. Click here to download a free sample video.

Current Video Formats

Flash Streaming Videos
       We currently offer all of our streaming
       videos in Flash format.  Flash is the best
       format today for streaming videos because
       the software is installed directly in your
       browser and does not require a separate
       program. The quality is crystal clear and we
       offer four quality levels that optimize
       playback for Dial Up, DSL/Cable and High
       Bandwidth connections.

Windows Media and Quicktime Downloads
       We offer a high quality version of our videos
       for members that want to be able to view our
       videos when offline (and members with Dial
       Up connections that want to view a larger video
       screen).  We do not use DRM or place time
       limits on the downloads but of course we ask
       that you respect our copyrights and do not
       share, trade or sell our videos (violators will be
       prosecuted). Some of our older downloadable
       videos are encoded in MPEG format and are in
       the process of being converted to our new

MP4 Download or Streaming Videos
       MP4 if the preferred format for viewing videos
       on iPhone and other mobile devices. All our

       videos are offered in this format.

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